Monday, April 2, 2012

Hi All

Dear Family,
  I'm fighting a sinus infection which has given me painful headaches all week and has clogged my ears. We fasted twice this week! Athlete's foot and an ingrown toenail. Gross, right? But I keep working because I just want to baptize. I've worked through days of vomiting, so this is easy. I had a great week! I love it here in Morelia, though I'm starting to worry that I won't get to go back to Guadalajara before I finish my mission. I only have 4 more transfers. This is the last week of this transfer, but we won't have changes because I'm still training Elder Hernandez. So then I'll only have 3 more transfers and who knows what will happen?! But whatever. I just want to baptize.
 This week we had a zone conference with President Jesperson and the assistants. President read us pages from his HUGE mission journal. I was CRACKING UP laughing, but the only one doing so. Why? Because he was JUST LIKE ME at first! He was having a lot of tough times and thinking that that was just how the mission was going to be. That there aren't really that many miracles, etc. A ton of work, and little fruit. He says his poor family must have felt awful reading all his sorry letters. BUT a letter from his dad changed his mission. His dad told him exactly what mom told me a few weeks ago: it's all about your attitude, your mind! You've got to be positive! You've got to have FAITH! So he and his companion fasted and prayed for a goal, the number of people they could baptize in the following 3 months if they had faith and did ALL they could. The Lord told them 30 in 3 months, but that was very high for the mission at the time. Well, they trusted that the answer came from God. Faith is a hope for things which are not seen but are TRUE. And they knew it was TRUE that they could baptize 30 because the Lord told them they could. Well, they did it. And they saw INCREDIBLE miracles. From then on he baptized more and more!
 So this week my companion and I fasted and prayed for a goal for the next 2 months. We decided 16. We're going to keep being ONE HUNDRED percent obedient, having positive attitudes, and faith! We've got to control our minds! We cannot let doubt it! Not even a bit! So pray for us! It'll be incredible to reach that goal! I'm going to do it! As President told us "better late than never." I'm going to finish this mission STRONG.
  As for General Conference, we watched practically all of it in Spanish. It's fine. I understand perfectly, but I don't enjoy it as much. The translators don't speak with as much power or emotion. And because we brought investigators to almost every session, and it was so far away, we missed most of the first talks, including Elder Holland. So I look forward to getting the Liahona!
  We completed the standard this week again, even though we only had 2 full days to work. My companion is a great influence on me. He's trying to give his all and focus. He wants to baptize. I want to help him really see it's possible. Plus I want to see that it's possible!
       I love you family! I love you so much! I can't really express myself, but I wish I could just hug you all! Mother's day is coming up! SKYPE!!
  Elder Poirier

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