Monday, September 26, 2011

One Year later...

Dear Dad, Mom, Aleksi, Max, and Cassie!
   I love you all! This week we had leadership conferences on Wednesday and Thursday. It really helped me to see what things we need to change to have more success. I'm going to really try this week to figure out how I can be really successful, not be stressed, love everyone and Mexico, and really change my mission! Thursday night I was feeling really depressed. How was it already my year mark?! I still haven't even become near the man I know Heavenly Father wants me to be! I know I may be making you all proud, but they expect so much more out of us that you all do from me. I wish I can find the way to just be at peace and love who I am and how I do what I do. I don't know if I can explain. But like I told Eva, I want to be Elder Poirier. Not any other elder. Elder Mitchell Poirier, that is. Because soon there will be another Elder Poirier in the mission! Whoa! Anyway, I'm feeling happy today. We didn't complete the standard this week. I'd explain more about why etc, but you don't care about numbers. Tere did go to church. She wants to get baptized! She just has a few things in the way. Olivia and Alberto finally were accompanied by two of their daughters, Karen and Lupita, to church. The best news is that Karen says she wants to get baptized as well. She's 22 and I FEEL AND KNOW that she'll be serving a mission in a couple years. WHOOP WHOOP! I bought sunscreen. I'm tired of people telling me I'm red. So hopefully by the time I go home I'll have normal skin again. Minus the tan lines of course. I love you all!
  Elder Poirier

Monday, September 19, 2011


Dear Family,
  Can you believe that in three days I complete one year on the mission?? And exactly one year from today was the last day I saw and hugged Max. One year until I'm home. Two years until I see Max again. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY REAGAN!!! This week my companion and I completed the standard for the 4th week in a row, even though on Thursday we didn't teach a single lesson. Just a whole day of nothing. Phew. Yet we did it somehow. Saturday we found two different people who quickly decided that they were TOTALLY interested in finding out if this really is the true church. They came to church the next day and loved it. Julia said "I feel really blessed." We're pretty thrilled, but we've got to start baptizing soon or all our leaders will be getting on us for completing the standard but not baptizing. By the way, I've been made district leader again. This time I want to do a better job of really showing love for each of the elders in my district, helping them feel encouraged. I want them to think of me the way I think of some of the great leaders I've had so far here.
  Kind of a funny story: we knocked a door and these two teenage girls came out. We actually knocked the door of their gated driveway. It's called a colchon. Anyway, they were acting as if they'd never seen gringos before. They went to go get their mom, and then we began to tell them who we were and the message we share. One of the girls cut me off asking "Are you gringos?" "Claro," I said and kept talking. Then she asked me "¿Me prestas tus ojos?" ahahahaha that means "will you lend me your eyes?" (she wanted to trade eye color). Weirdo. We kept talking trying to keep a smile, but not at all lead them on or flirt or anything. Then one of them cut Elder Willett off asking "Do you have a girlfriend?" He just responded, "We're missionaries." She asked, "How old are you?" I said 40. We set up a time to go back, but it just so happens we didn't have the time... Seriously, they were so forward. Elder Willett didn't at all know how to react. It was funny to me.
  Well, this week there's a three-day conference for all the leaders, so I'll get to see Elder Parry and Elder Padgett again! I'd talked to Elder Parry by telephone a few weeks ago. I hope that I learn a lot. There's a brand new elder in our house now. He's got a few issues with desire. He told his family last week that if he didn't enjoy this past week he was going to go home. They chewed him out today. The zone leaders told me that they want ME to do ALL that I can to make sure he stays in the mission basically, to really be there for him, encourage him. Be the example, they told me. He's not like Elder Silos who came out ready to be 100% obedient, and willing to work as hard as he could to be a great teacher. I miss Elder Silos. But anyway, last night I talked with the elder, Elder Alvarez. I told him, "I love my family so much that I'm willing to give everything I have, or do everything I have to do to please Heavenly Father, to serve Him, so that He might let me live with my family forever." It's true. So that's why I try to be 100% obedient, etc. I'm giving my all to be with you all, family. I love you.
  Alright, I love you all. I'll see you in about one year. Unless you count skyping for Christmas. By the way, I'm hearing that Nativities are all the rage here. I'll probably send more than one home, come Christmas of course. I LOVE YOU!
Elder Mitch Poirier

Monday, September 12, 2011

My week

Dear Family!
  This week was transfers, but Elder Willett and I are still here in what is now called Buenos Aires 2 (because our ward was absorbed into the Buenos Aires ward). We're having a lot of success as far as the Standard of Excellence goes. President told me that after three or four weeks completing the Standard, we'll start baptizing EVERY week. We have to continue completing of course. We completed this week for the 3rd in a row. It was really tough! We have to find 7 new investigators every week. By Friday we had four new investigators and then found two more. BUT then we visited some of the four and had to drop 3 of them! So with only Saturday and Sunday, we had to find 4 new investigators to complete the goal. Do you follow so far? Plus on Sunday, two of the people who had baptismal dates didn't come to church. Since they have to come two times before they can get baptized, their dates fell. So we had to put two more dates and find 4 news still Sunday after church. Of course the Lord tested our faith and patience. We kept a good, calm attitude, knowing that the Lord wanted us to complete because He wants us to baptize. So we went forward with faith. Only during the LAST two hours of the night did we actually find 4 new people and we put 2 dates. Amazing. All because of Heavenly Father. We completed! But it doesn't end there. Tere, Chicharito's aunt (if you don't know who he is, JUST LOOK HIM UP! Mexico World Cup 2010), had a baptismal date for this Saturday. What we realized at 10PM Sunday is that she's still smoking, therefore her date falls (they have to quit at least a week before they can get baptized). So technically we didn't complete. What were we going to do? Let it slide and fix her date during the week? Or call her at 10:30 and change the date? Aye. We decided of course to have integrity. We called her with the old "did we forget [such object] in your house?" and then made sure to put her date for another weekend. PHEW. If we work right, we'll reach our goals and then baptize a ton. I miss being a missionary in the United States. Also, this week we ate breakfast with Tere and her sons. We made the molletes with jam. She made beans and eggs. Delicious. Mexican style of course. MMMM. By the way, Dad isn't the only one who drinks coke in the morning. So does ALL of Mexico.
   Love you all,

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day!

Alberto y Olivia


Dear Family!
  Happy Labor Day! I guess I'll hear from you all next week when you have computers put in front of you (you'll remember to write me). I AM glad however that Max told me he's GOING TO CHILE!!!! I cannot even believe it! There's SO much I want to say and do! First, as soon as I can I'm going to send a copy of Jeffery R. Holland's talk he gave when I was at the MTC the second time. Second, I'm going to have to trust Cassie with my facebook. Who does the blog? and Third, I'm going to work really hard to have a LOT of success so that I can risk asking for permission to call home!! I say it's worth a shot. I have SO much to say to Max! CHILE. WOOHOOOOO!!! The seasons will be opposite! You're going to likely be in the MTC for Christmas! Maybe.. But I want to talk about what a mission is REALLY like. Oh brother! I'm so happy for you! I love you!
  Anyway, this week was really stressful. Somehow we had success though. I can't believe that this week is the last in the transfer. We'll see what happens. I feel like one of us will get changed for some reason. Um.. I can't think of more to say. Chicharito's aunt came to church again! She says she feels such peace with us. When we taught her sons as well, they all went off about how we are examples of what their life could be like if they decide to take this path--happiness, purity, peace, etc. It was funny but flattering. I hope she'll soon get baptized! Oh. and this week they combined our ward and another. We didn't have enough priesthood going, so the stake president announced "the ward of Polanco DOESN'T EXIST ANY LONGER." It kind of was harsh. So now we're four missionaries in one ward called Buenos Aires, but I'm still in the mission area of Polanco. It was nice having 200 people at church though instead of 50.
  This week I really felt pensive and stressed. But I keep going. I'm happy being stressed I guess; that's pretty normal for me. One thing on the back of my mind making me feel really sad is that I haven't been able to send a single letter in 5 weeks. I want to write my friends and family and converts! I guess that would be one good thing about being transferred--perhaps there'd be a post office in my area.
  I love you all! I'm SO happy for Max!!! I hope that he leaves secret notes around the house as well! I'll just tell you about the one you STILL haven't found. It's in the HALLWAY!!!
       I love you!
  Elder Mitchell Poirier!!

Got a little wet!