Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day!

Dear, dear Family!
  This week we baptized TWO people!! Whoop whoop! That really made us so excited! All the deep doubts that Salvador had about whether Jesus was even the Son of God all came back this week. We tried to help him resolve them again, to tell him to read and pray, but this time he was so concerned and overwhelmed with these doubts that he said he couldn't even concentrate enough to read or pray. Honestly, it was a little frustrating, but we knew that if only he read, he'd find his answer. The day before his baptism, we took him to see the baptismal font and gave him a blessing of comfort. The next morning he told us he had read Alma 32 again and "The Living Christ" as we'd asked him to do, and he got his answer!! He was baptized that evening. Salvador really felt amazing after coming out of the water. I'm not sure I've ever been given such a long and big hug! I'm pretty sure that no missionary at that baptism had ever received as big hug as Salvador gave them. Elder Moberg (my brother) says that Salvador was practically having a seizure in his arms. We felt thrilled to see both Salvador and Abel confirmed on Sunday! I love baptizing! Abel was able to quit smoking! He now joins his family! In one year they can be sealed as an eternal family!
  We had a pretty busy week. I had to give two baptismal interviews. They really are really special experiences. Unfortunately one of them wasn't ready to be baptized; we decided she needed more time. One of the baptismal interviews was all the way in a part of the city called Tepatitlan. We have to take an hour long bus to get there and stay the night with those two elders. (District leaders do baptismal interviews for their district, zone leaders for the baptisms of the district leaders).  So I started reading "Our Heritage" again.  Hooligan! But anyway, we found some really cool people this week. We hope to baptize this coming weekend again. It's Israel, the guy who bakes pies and cares for his godfather who has cancer. Israel still hasn't got an answer yet, but has quit smoking so that if he does feel he should get baptized, he could do it this Saturday. He's a really great guy, so I really pray that Heavenly Father will help him recognize his answer.
  We haven't had electricity for two weeks now. It's ridiculous. They should have put it back on by now. We've been planning/journaling in candlelight every night recently. One night two Catholic youths knocked on our door to invite us to some event. I opened the door, and they were a little nervous, quickly invited me, but said something like, "I see you're busy, bye!" I thought it was because I was still wearing missionary clothes and laughed to myself. But then I realized they were freaked out to see four missionaries with candles lit, as if it were some ritual or sacrifice. Aye. How embarrassing! What do those Mormons do?!
   I love you family!
  Elder Mitchell Poirier

Monday, May 23, 2011

8 months down!

Dear Family,
  This week went by SUPER quickly! I don't even know how.. We DID baptize!!! Blanca asked me to baptize her! And this week we're going to baptize two more people!! FINALLY! It was really a special service. She said she felt so different afterwords. Family, can you believe I have 8 months now?! How does time go by so quickly?! I'm a third of the way done. This week Elder Silos and I worked really hard, but besides the baptism, we didn't have the success we wanted. We hope that it was just something to test our animo and perseverence. We did have fun still! On Friday we got icecream, Saturday tortas ahogadas, Sunday free tacos!, and today we played soccer! We are being 100% obedient and I'm trying to help him become a great teacher. I'm really glad to have him as my compy. I think that soon we'll be better friends. Speaking of friends, I got to call Elder Padgett this week to tell him that Blanca got baptized. We had originally started teaching her. He was super happy! 8 months...
 This week we decided to stop teaching this old woman named Jenny. She's a 65 yr old American woman living on NO money here in Mexico, depending on a few churches for food, clothes, and shelter. The last time that we taught her, as we were saying goodbye, she grabbed my shoulder and leaned in to kiss my cheek!! What?! NO. She was offended, to say the least. But I'm a missionary! "What? You don't let your mom kiss your cheek either?" Um.. but you're not my mom! Also, I figured out a way to be smart with people who tell us rudely (such attitude) that they don't have time when we knock their door (instead of being kind and saying that they are not interested). I say, "Okay, we'll pass by tomorrow!" super kindly. It helps them learn that a lack of time is not a good enough excuse for us.
  A couple nights ago, my compy and I were talking for a while about how each of our investigators would be as members of the church. It made us really happy. For example, Ceñorina really loves serving others. She usually goes to the hospital on Sundays to visit people who don't have families or any visitors (she doesn't even know them). What a great Relief Society sister she'd be! We did it for all of our investigators. I think it's important to have vision! And it helps us feel more love for them all.
  I love you my family! Until next week!
  Elder Mitch Poirier

Monday, May 16, 2011


Elder Hernandez, Elder Silos and me

My Dear Family,
  Yes. I'm training. His name is Elder Silos. He is from Toreon, Mexico, which is up by Texas. He reminds me SO much of me when I first went to Arizona and was hating everything. Poor guy. He's super homesick when we're stuck in the house, but then feels great when we're out teaching and having success. By the way, we completed the standard this week! WOOHOO. Only 9 companionships did it. Anyway, at least we get along. And this weekend we have two people who should be getting baptized! So he needs to cheer up lol. I was with someone I didn't get along with and not baptizing. But it's alright. I'm being patient. It's only hard for me to be patient when I have to answer all his questions two times (the first time he never understands). Perhaps it's my spanish. Anyway, we're being diligent and I'm trying to show him a good example. We had a week of miracles! One investigator, Salvador, had a change of heart and mind. All the doubts he had about Christ were resolved when he finally prayed about it and read Alma 32. He's getting baptized this sunday!!!!!! And Blanca also is ready. She wants a fresh start in life, cleansed from all mistakes and sins. So she's getting baptized this sunday too! Please pray for them! This week we gave a blessing to a woman named Ceñorina. She told us right after that she felt something strange- a peace, or tranquility. She said she couldn't explain it. Whoa. We were so happy! She's progressing towards baptism also! Basically Heavenly Father has really blessed us this week! And all the people we're teaching. I'm super grateful and super excited to start baptizing. I really feel like the Lord is making me the man I need to become. I just have to keep being patient in afflictions, obedient, and humble (willing to change).
  I got a letter this week from Elder Glenn (my compy in Douglas). He told me that two of our investigators got baptized after I left!!!! That made my week!!!! I can't tell you  how much I miss Douglas, Arizona! Please, can we go there the Christmas I get home?! Seriously! Consider it. I just wanted to tell one other thing that really made my week. There's this group of eight boys, all about 7 or 8 that live on one street and are always outside. They've decided that I look like Javier Hernandez (Chicharito), the soccer player for Mexico, turned Manchester United (the one I loved watch play in the World Cup this summer), so everytime they see us, they yell, "CHICHARITO" and wave at me! I feel like a hero! Two days ago they actually all came up to us and gave me high fives. They asked if I played soccer. I asked if they liked Harry Potter.
    Anyway family, I love you! I'm glad you all had a great week! I'm not so sure I'm happy with Cassie's week. But I'm in Mexico, so whatever.
 Elder Mitchell Poirier

Monday, May 9, 2011

District Leader!

Dear Family!
  I only have like three minutes. Why? Because I'm TRAINING. My new companion is from Toreon Mexico. His name is Elder Silos. I think it's going to be a lot of fun but I'm super nervous. He's SO new. I just really hope that I can be the missionary Heavenly Father needs me to be. And guess what. I'm also District Leader now. So if I was stressed these past two weeks... aye. I just want to be his brother like Elder Padgett was to me. And I want to be able to help out my district, but I feel so new and I still have a TON to learn. I love you all! I miss you but I'm so happy I got to hear your voices this weekend. Sorry that I have letters that I still can't send out. All day we had orientations and trainings. Now we've got to get to work. I need your prayers for my companion, that he'll adjust quickly and help me to fix this area--to baptize!!
   I love you all!!!!!
  Elder Mitch Poirier

Monday, May 2, 2011

7 months into my mission...

  This week was SO stressful! I'm SO sad that Elder Padgett left :( I had two temporary companions, Elder Reyes from Peru and now Elder Flores from Monterrey Mexico. Both have helped me a lot this week, but neither really cared for my investigators like I do. Elder Flores is my companion until May 8th. Then he goes home. So that's all he's worried about. Really I felt the burden of being the one in charge instead of it being equal like it should be. My prayers were more fervent. I was begging the Lord to just let me complete with the Standard of Excellence. For those of you who probably don't know. The Standard is a set of goals we should be accomplishing weekly. Hardly any missionaries actually do it. It is as follows: 5 investigators with a baptismal date, 5 in church on Sunday, 7 new investigators, 20 lessons, and 200 contacts. Weekly. That means talk to 200 people at their doors or on the street weekly. Seven new people studying what we believe weekly. It's hard. Elder Padgett and I did it 2/4 weeks, so it was my goal to be able to do it this week with all the stress of two temporary companions, one who had to go to the hospital every morning, and the other who prefers chatting with everyone for hours instead of working. Really, it should've been impossible to do it this week, but we DID do it. And it's not because of me. I worked my hardest. I gave it my all. Really, in this week I changed so much how I view the mission and how I love and worry about my investigators. My faith has grown. I was patient in my afflictions, and the Lord did everything. I'm so happy! I am a little worried about who my next companion will be. We'll find out next Monday...
  So I'm SUPER excited to skype you all (minus Aleksi, but she could be on the phone, right?). I look forward to it a lot. I hope again to complete the Standard. Anyway, one funny story. This week there were three little boys tossing something in the air and then kicking it up, like a drop-kicking a soccerball (by the way, we played soccer today again and I love it. I'm getting good a being goalie!). When we got closer, I saw that it was a dead bird they were picking up and kicking. Really?
  One of our investigators is named Blanca. She reminds me SO much of Aleksi! She's not a natural blonde, but has the same skin tone (yes there are white mexicans. They call them güeros or something). She designs shoes and is really fashiony, but short. It's so funny. She came to church on Sunday and loves the Book of Mormon! She's sharing it with her mom and friends who are also becoming interested! She's like 35 though, so that you can imagine this better.
  Here in Mexico, they celebrate the day of the child (kid's day) on April 30th. So all over the streets, every corner, there are inflatable obstacle courses or water things. I don't know what they're called, but basically like jump-houses. That's what they do to celebrate every holiday or what they do on school vacation. That's how they celebrate Easter- no candy, no Easter Bunny, etc. The Catholics have tons of traditions, but for Mexican traditions, it's just inflatable water parks.
  I love you family! Happy Mother's Day mom!! SEE you on Saturday!
 Elder Mitchell Poirier