Monday, April 30, 2012

Challenges and Baptisms

My Dear Wonderful Family!
  This week I'm sending photos! There are photos of the baptism of little Mauricio, of Ruben (the shorter of the two dressed in white) from this weekend, and of the zapote that I ate last week. Plus there's the photo of me and Elder Hernandez. He's entering into week 10 of training (out of 12). Photos! I love the photos Max sent last week. I want a firefighter sweater too! Where'd you get that?! Too bad it's WAY hot here. But if there can be one waiting for me in 5 months, I'd appreciate it mucho!
  Christian, I love and miss you all too! I hope that you and Dylan keep up the great work in school and your respective sports!
  Max, your companion seems really cool. Just do your best for the moment, he should be patient. How much time does he have in his mission? As for training, it's better than anything else in the mission. Better than being district leader, zone leader, or anything. So look forward to it.
   This week was a great challenge for me and my companion. We started the week really animated and excited, but quickly almost everything blew up in our faces. I learned 3 important things that I've struggled with my whole mission. 1) If a person is not "chosen" as they say, we need to drop them and find those who will keep their commitments, etc. Even though we love the people, we can't waste our time and all our efforts to force a person to do what they don't really want to do. We were wasting so much time with people who never wanted to actually go to church, read the Book of Mormon, or get baptized, because they kept telling us "si, si" and were really cool people, etc. NO. Waste. Of. Time. 2) I've got to be more direct in inviting people to get baptized. That is our purpose. Sometimes as missionaries we get a little nervous to talk about baptism because we don't want to rush the people or  freak them out. but no. We've got to bring it up in the FIRST visit and invite them to get baptized. Or else people won't get baptized. 3) I'm like Peter in the New Testament. I'm reading and studying about him and I just feel like he's so much like me. Very impulsive, slow to really learn, inquisitive, and with a great desire to do what is right. He once asked Christ what he was going to gain for having left EVERYTHING behind for Him. Christ responded that anyone who forsakes family, work, etc. for His cause will have eternal life. I'm fascinated by Peter and want to keep studying more (right now actually, that's how great my desire is, i just want to go read more! ahah)
  We decided to clean the plate of so many of our investigators. It's sad that once again I fell into that trap of "these people WILL progress if they just..." But Heavenly Father let us find 12 new investigators this week! Twelve more people who really seem anxious to learn from us. It is humbling that the Lord waited until Elder Hernandez and I got out of our desanimo and depression before letting us teach those people. We were feeling really down, and the Spirit wasn't with us. Heavenly Father wasn't going to let us teach them with the attitudes we had ahah. But we're okay now.
  Tomas (who sells the gigantic tortas) (a torta is a sandwich in mexico, a cake in Chile). gave me some great advice on Sunday that helped me pull myself up again. And plus, we baptized on Saturday. Ruben is really happy! The Hermano Francisco baptized him. Francisco is a convert from December who is SO faithful. They're going to be great friends.
  Family! I love you! I love you so much! Be safe! Have fun!

   Elder Mitch Poirier

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