Monday, April 23, 2012

Another week...

Dear Family,
  I'm super sorry that this computer doesn't have a place to connect my memory card! I wanted to send the photos of Mauricio's baptism! It was wonderful! His dad was so nervous to baptize him that he messed up the prayer twice, and once didn't get him all the way underwater. The good thing about baptizing a 9 year old in warm water is that he wants to do it over and over again anyway. Mauricio's grandma isn't a member, but loved the baptism. She especially loved when Mauricio said the closing prayer. We got her address and will probably visit her this week. She lives in the furthest part of Itzicuaro though. That night we went to visit Gloria and Victor. Gloria taught me how to make lechera!!!! OH MY GOSH! It's SO easy. You make a tea from orange tree leaves, add sugar and powdered milk! It's proportional. Just wait five months and I'll make it for you all! It's great on top of pancakes (hotcakes here) with a marmalade (which she also taught me how to make!). This week I also tried a fruit called zapote. It is the least fruity fruit I've ever had. Basically it's like a ball of melted chocolate in a soft green shell. It grows on a tree. You're supposed to eat it cold (so put it in the fridge first). It's not exactly a chocolate taste. It's like a fig in taste. And it stains your teeth. SO messy. I was really embarrassed eating it in front of our investigators.
  This week we read 3 Nefi 17 with Raymundo (isn't that funny that Max taught a Roberto and I'm teaching a Raymundo?). I felt the spirit really testify of Jesus Christ. I love that chapter. I feel like I learn a lot about who Jesus Christ is. He cries too. He's willing to change plans for us. He's powerful and merciful and patient. I love Jesus Christ! Also, I read 2 Nefi 31 in the Book of Mormon, third time around in Spanish. This time I tried to read it as if it were a letter to Max and I, telling us why our purpose as missionaries (to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the Restored Gospel...) is so important! It says, "amados hermanos mios" so many times. I crossed out "mios" and put "Poirier". Nefi teaches us that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to be saved and return to the Father. So that's why our role is so important. Thanks Nephi!
  One of my favorite familles in this ward is the Familia Vazquez who just sent their son on a mission to Veracruz. The grandma is SUPER frail. She's so sweet. I was talking and she cut me off saying, "this elder makes me laugh. He has a gringo accent." ahahah Later I apologized for my accent and she said, "si". ahhaha Yesterday I saw her again and told her all happy "Hermana, I don't have a gringo accent anymore!" She laughed but then went on about how God loves us all equally. ahhaha. I love her!
   So yesterday after church I got a phone call from the Assistants saying that someone wanted to talk to me! It was Sigifredo! He got baptized yesterday!!!!!! FINALLY! I taught him with Elder Willett 6 months ago! He says he's known it's true; we were the ones that helped him get his answer. But for whatever reason he was waiting. Well, he finished reading the Book of Mormon in all this time, and finally felt it was time to get wet! So Elder Olivares baptized him! Sigifredo was crying on the phone! He said that just hearing my voice made his heart break. He and Tere love me and Elder Willett so much! AW! and I love them! I get to go to Guadalajara for a leadership conference that will last until Wednesday evening. Supposedly they're making me stay the night in an area that's close to Polanco! WHat? Why not just to Polanco?! So we'll see if I can convince them so that I get to see Sigi and Tere!
   Family! I love you! Cassie is beautiful! I'm so happy she's happy! Aleksi and mom are going to have such a great time in Utah! Dad! Until next week! Max! Be obedient and have a great positive attitude only!
  Elder Poirier

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