Monday, April 16, 2012

Dear Family...

My Dear Family!
  I'm so glad that you're all doing so well. My comments are the same as Max's! Eva's kids are growing way fast! Aleksi's boyfriend... I'm waiting for mom's opinion, and then eva's. The dogs are WAY spoiled. Last I checked they weren't allowed on the couch! Lilli, I'm so glad that your family is doing well! I miss Christian and Dylan! I'm glad they're busy with sports and school! It's what kept me out of trouble.
 This week we didn't baptize Gloria and Victor. They still didn't receive their answer from Heavenly Father that this is true. It's not that they have doubts, but rather that they don't want to do it if they're not 100% sure. It's because they haven't been reading the Book of Mormon. Everyday we told them that the only way they'll get the answer is if they read. The Book of Mormon is the "prueba" (the test). If it's true, then Joseph Smith was a prophet. If it's not true, then Joseph Smith was crazy and a liar. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I LOVE the Book of Mormon. Really. If you want to know why, read it and really ask Heavenly Father if it's true.
 Today in 45 minutes we're baptizing Mauricio. He's 9. His parents are sealed in the temple, but for economic problems, they haven't been going to church in a year. The dad works on Sundays. But now that our services start at 8 AM he's been coming for sacrament meeting. He'll be baptizing Mauricio. Next week you'll see the photos. We're happy to FINALLY baptize. We want to do better. This week I want to focus on finding families! Finding takes a lot of faith!
  I'm glad Max will be having a new companion. It'll be good for your spanish brother. I can't believe that you're gaining that much weight! Meanwhile, I put on my jeans today (that once were too small for me). I was surprised to find out that they're a little big! WHAT?! Ugh.
  We moved out of that ugly house and into a really great apartment. This morning I went running around the track that is in front! It felt so good. There were a ton of things that I wanted to say, but now I'm pressured for time and can't think of anything else.
  I love you family! I'm doing my best in this work. I'm trying not to worry about if I never become the missionary who baptizes a ton! Elder Willett has now baptized 14 people in the last 6 weeks! Incredible! And I've baptized 0. But there were faithful pioneers who never arrived in the Salt Lake Valley. But I'm going to do my best to finish strong. Almost only 5 months left. WOW.
    Elder Poirier

PS "We shouldn't quote movies, unless they're hilarious" Elder Poirier

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