Friday, May 28, 2010

Mission Call

I was really surprised to find my mission call in the mail today!
Of course, I couldn't open it with only Max home,
so I drove to Publix (with the letter next to me to keep it safe)
and bought ingredients to make two pies.
Lemonade Peach
Apricot Strawberry
So I spent the day anxiously mixing fruit and sugar,
thinking of all the places I could be called to.
When everyone got home from work, we all placed our
guesses on a map of the world.
"Where in the world will Mitchell be serving?"

Then, finally, the time came to gather and open the letter..
I was getting very excited.
All my life I've known this day was to come,
and it was actually here.
And I was actually about to find out where I'd be going on a mission. 
Mexico Guadalajara East Mission!

I have to say, I was crying like a baby. I'd never actually considered what it'd
be like to go to Mexico on my mission.
I'm really excited to go! I know it will be the perfect place I'm needed.
I need to practice my Spanish.
I can't wait to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to families in Mexico!