Monday, April 9, 2012

The "K"

Dear Family!
Everyone here spells things with "k's" when they hardly exist in Spanish. In fact...hold on. Are they playing "apple-bottom jeans" in this internet place? really?.... In fact, nobody spells or speaks correctly here! People are always telling me that I speak so well, so correctly. It's funny. The mission doesn't even want us to use the equivalents of "cool" or other words that Jesus Christ never said. We're working on it. They say that by the way we talk, people really will recognize us as representatives of Jesus Christ. Anyway, this week was wonderful! We live in this super ugly house, but we are moving out!!!!! WOOHOO! We're going to move into an apartment that is in front of a park with a race track! So I'll be able to run every morning! We're moving this Thursday. Today we spent a few hours cleaning this nasty house that we're leaving behind. It's awful. Although we spent a few hours cleaning, it looks like we didn't do anything. In Mexico, all the houses are made of cement and have tile floors. I don't know if I told you that. All the Utah missionaries look way forward to getting home and laying on their carpeted houses. I just look forward to petting a dog and not having a grey, dusty palm. PS Elder Hernandez is way scared of dogs. Yet he taunts them with the Book of Mormon (which we always have to hold in our hands). Well, he did it once. But he learned his lesson. The dog followed us for 10 minutes barking and barking.
Wednesday night, we got a call from the Assistants telling us that we had to be in Guadalajara Thursday morning for a conference for trainers and trainees. We spent ALL Thursday in Guadalajara! I LOVED BEING BACK THERE! Imagine, a year of my life in the 2nd largest city in Mexico. It was weird to see yellow taxis instead of the white ones here in Morelia. Guess who was also at the conference! Elder Willett!!!! He's doing SO great. He's baptizing a ton because he is FILLED with faith and SO focused on finding families who are really looking for the gospel. He's not wasting time with people who aren't progressing. He has the faith that there are people who are READY for the gospel. They always tell us that we're here to harvest, not to sow seeds. It was great to see him! I feel so motivated! We plan to both begin baptizing a TON and then ask President to make us companions in June until i finish my mission. We're serious. And I'm going to finish this mission STRONG. He courageously asked for permission to go visit our converts in Polanco. So we had 1 hour to go see the Familia Reyes. Alberto is now really sick because of his diabetes. He had a surgery that the church paid for. When we got there, the whole family was all surprised to see us! Alberto was asleep in a bed, or just laying there really. He's blind. It was so sad. We sat and talked to him. We cried. Olivia and Karen are both doing really well. It was great to be in Polanco again with Elder Willett. We feel like we could have a ton of success now that we both feel like we get it. Like I told dad, it's all about faith. So first you have to figure out what faith really is. I thank you family for helping me learn that, especially mom's email about a positive attitude.
We look forward to baptizing soon. This week 20 year old Victor is going to decide to get baptized or no. His mom, Gloria, is out of town, but as well could get baptized. Pray for it! I want to send you those photos next week! I'm going to have that hope! I'm happy that Max is going to baptize finally! And that Easter was so beautiful! Max is right, Easter Sunday is nothing here tampoco. Everyone celebrates the death, etc. of Christ, but not His Ressurrection. Sad. So we did! We read the story of His Ressurrection with our investigators and made them all go to church especially for that day. Unfortunately the church didn't even acknowledge that it was Easter. Aye... But with faith we're going to change this ward!

Elder Poirier

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