Monday, March 28, 2011

New Companion!

  First of all I got a package this week that was sent January 25th. It was the one with a tie. The reason it took so long was that it got inspected. Apparently they steal things also, so with every next package you may send me, please include a detailed list of what is inside so that I can check if that's true. Second of all, Elder Parry got transferred!! What?! President told us we could stay together for another transfer! But my new companion is Elder Padgett. Let me just tell you that when I first came to Mexico, in my first interview with President, he pointed out Elder Padgett's photo and told me, "That is the highest baptizing missionary in the mission." and he went on talking about how great he is. The Hermana Jesperson even came up to him once and told him, "Thank you for being such an outstanding missionary. I think when a missionary is extraordinary, he should know it." WHOA. So I feel intimidated, but also excited for this transfer! I hope it's that President thought we would work really well together. I really like him--HE'S FROM CALIFORNIA!!! (not Utah or Idaho). We got the transfer calls at almost one in the morning last night, and Elder Parry had to pack. Then I couldn't sleep because my mind was reeling. And we woke up at 6 to take Elder Parry to the train station, so I'm EXHAUSTED. So tired. But it's finally P-day!!!
  It's great to hear that you're all enjoying yourselfs, whether it's Vegas, Spring Break, an I-phone, UF, or boating. I'm jealous, but I love being here. I'm in Mexico! And we have Perla AND Carlos coming to church now. Dad, I'm sending a recipe for "Chocoflan" home. It's also called the "Pastel Impossible" or Impossible Cake because it's a flan on TOP of a chocolate cake. SO DELICIOUS. Two investigators made it for us last night. We really wish we could get the help of the members! They are only slowly gaining confidence in us. Everyone here in Mexico is SO busy working ALL day that they don't have the time to come out with us. But I wish that they'd do more than greet our investigators at church. Help them feel like family!
I love you, family!!!
Elder Mitchell Poirier
AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! Sorry it's late

Monday, March 21, 2011

6 months!

" ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you."
1 Peter 3:15

I Love My Family,
This week is going to have to be summed up because I spent so much time emailing President today. First of all, THANK YOU for the package of candy! The funny thing is that when I read that the package contained socks and ties, I was SO happy ahah. Then I opened it to a TON of candy! I love you mom and dad! And all the postcards! I love that you sent me one each day of your anniversary trip! This week I want to tell you that Perla is our progressing investigator. She's the only one that has come to church. And she LOVED it. She wishes her family would come so that they could know that it's not at all like what they expect, not at all like the Catholic Mass. We love her! She just needs to recognize that the Lord IS answering her prayers!
This week we enjoyed a lot of little treats. I got kiwi icecream in a cone (we love that little icecream shop!). I got an oreo milkshake at a Carl's Jr. Later in the week Elder Parry made pancakes for all of us (with eggs so that we don't have a hypoglaecemisiccijj w/e attack. Yes "we". He has it too). I got to go do a session in the temple!!!! In Spanish!! And I saw three real couples get married for this time and for all eternity! I love the temple! It felt so rejuvenating all over again!
So have you ever wondered what English sounds like to those who don't speak it? We can all imitate Chinese or German or French. But it is SO funny to hear people imititate English! It's a bunch of "shhhs" and "schwas." We'll be talking to each other in English and people at church will pretend to talk too! ahah
Anyway, I love you all!!!!! I miss you and hope that you are all doing well!
 Elder Poirier

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hi Family!

My Family!!!
  I love that it's already P-day! Today we played soccer! I'm honestly getting really good! It's a lot of fun. I even scored a goal!! A good one. I'm becoming accostumed to living in Mexico and being a missionary. This is my life. I'm so grateful that you are all doing well and that you're all happy! This week I got to go to the Guadalajara Temple!!! Elder Parry has two converts (a couple) who wanted to go to the temple for the first time! We asked permission and spent a day there! So great! It looked JUST like the photo they have online (duh I know, but really!) I just have a few funny stories for this week. I don't know what else to say!
1- We were walking on the sidewalk when Elder Parry yelled, "Watch out!" I didn't know what he was talking about until a HUGE black chow-chow dog started to bark and snap at me from a window at my height!! I flinched really bad and so Elder Parry got a good laugh!
2- We were talking to an investigator outside of a gated privada when suddenly the gate started closing and just about hit me in the face. Again, I flinched.
3- We were taking a bus to the temple. It was very bumpy. We were standing. Elder Parry lost his balance and swung his arm around. Guess where the back of his hand hit... Yes, I got #&%$@ slapped by my companion.
4- We were contacting a guy whose door we knocked when he pretended to start falling asleep leaning on his door. Really? So I just stopped midsentance and left.
5- "Yeah I have a faith in Christ! Look, I have the Virgen on my wall!"
6- "We're representatives of Jesus Christ" "Sorry, we don't know how to read or write?" "Well, do you know how to listen?" That was Elder Parry.
That's all! I love you all!! I hope you have a great week!!
Elder Mitchell Poirier
Elder Rodriguez and I
Mexican English Bulldog
Guadalajara Temple

Monday, March 7, 2011

And I love it!

Can you believe it's already been another week! Time just goes so fast here! Especially when you're used to the area and your companion. Let's see. This week a little kid kept yelling "VIVA LA VIRGEN" every time we walked by because his mom was telling him to. Really? Raising your kid to be intolerant? We got fed taquitos! I love that we finally got mexican food from the members! Everyone here adds flavor to their water by the way. Like koolaid, but it actually tastes like juice from a certain fruit. For example, my favorite is the grapefruit. Anyway, we taught a woman this week who CANNOT hear my companion, Elder Parry. She makes all these weird faces as he talks. And then asks, "what?" So I have to repeat everything he says. Isn't that strange? For once in my life MY voice is not the one that's too deep to hear. (My voice isn't heard because my skin is too dark--Max). Also this week, we saw several little kids riding bikes and playing together on this small street. It was a game called "Toll." They were basically riding in circles, passing by one girl who would make them stop and pretend-pay a toll. HOW FUN!
Seriously, we had WAY more imagination than that.
Elder Parry treated the four of us elders that live in our house to pan dulce (bread from a bakery). We were all home eating it quietly because it was so good. I felt like one of the lost boys, finally being fed. Not that we were hungry. I just felt like a little kid. One of our investigators, Alicia, tried to fool us this week, claiming that she did read the pamphlet. We asked what she liked. She made up something about seeing loved ones after we die. Um. Not in that pamphlet. Then she turned to a random page with a photo and told us it made her think of how the Catholics do infant baptism. What was our point of view on that?   Um.. Nice try. Why lie to us? Do you want us to keep coming back? I don't get it..
Anyway family, I'm in MEXICO! I finally am being hit by that! And I love it! I know I'm going to even miss the smell of the dead dogs on the street, so I'm trying to appreciate it all now! I'm in a foreign country! I'm traveling! I'm a missionary!! So strange. I wonder if my high school teachers know where I am now.
I love you all! Miss you!
Love, Elder Mitchell Poirier