Monday, March 26, 2012

6 months to go...

Dear Family!
  This week was incredible! My companion and I really saw the miracles of the Lord for being obedient and having a great attitude. Positivity! The goal was to complete the standard of excellence for the second time in a row. Supposedly after completing three times in a row you begin to baptize. Well Sunday came around and we still needed to put baptismal dates with two people and find two new investigators. We had six people in church, all of our lessons, and all 200 contacts. We sat down on a door step to pray that the Lord would have mercy on us. We’d been doing all we could to be obedient, so I felt confident asking the Lord for His help. It was interesting because I wasn’t feeling hopeless or stressed. In fact I was feeling quite excited, anxious to see how the Lord was going to help us. It was like being on a rollercoaster.  A thrill. I was surprised by how I felt. Well, after the prayer, I felt we needed to knock that door where we’d been sitting. Right there we found three new investigators. A cool family that has heard little about our church and was interested. Then we put a plan for the people we were going to invite to baptism. Both accepted as we planned. The Lord really showed us that this is HIS work. We have to do things HIS way. So we are really grateful and really thrilled. There are a few of our investigators that I just love. I love them. And I want them to get baptized!!! By the way, Max says he sang! WHOA. Did you know that I’ve sung BY MYSELF in lessons here?! Can you believe that?! MITCHELL? Yes. So funny. But it was worth it because it brings the spirit!
  As Max says, the Book of Mormon is wonderful! I love it more than I can explain. That’s why it makes me so happy when others we teach really begin to read and enjoy it as well! Our church services are going to start at 8 AM after General Conference. OH MY GOSH. That’s going to be a great challenge for us getting people to come. President Jesperson comes on Wednesday for a Zone Conference. He says he wants to talk to me then. I really am glad that I got everything off my chest because now he really can help me. Family I love you. Mom! I’m so sorry that I forgot to say Happy Birthday! I even wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget! But HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I LOVE YOU! And Dad! Take care of all those quehaceres before I get home.  I don’t want to be a House Elf when I get back. Today we went bowling as a zone. Out of the 18 of us or so, I got second place with a score of 130. WOW. It’s because we haven’t played in so long. PS I HAVE 18 MONTHS IN THE MISSION. Whoa.
I love you all! Always, forever near or far etc. Aleksi got the song stuck in my head.
  Elder Mitch Poirier

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