Monday, May 7, 2012


Dear Family,
  WHAT. A. WEEK. Elder Hernandez had special changes on Tuesday. I got a new companion named Elder William Turner from England!!!!!! SO COOL. I'm training him! He had been in the MTC two months and waiting in Washington state for his visa for another two months. Finally he is here and I'M HIS COMPANION. He's famous in this mission. Everyone has known an English missionary was coming, and so EVERYONE has wanted to be the one to train him. Lucky me! We went out to work Tuesday, and then at 2AM I had to go to Guadalajara for the Leadership Conference that lasted until Thursday late at night. So we are still getting to know each other. He's a weird guy.. PER-fect(English accent). I talk to him in an English accent and he sometimes talks to me in an American accent. So great! He kind of doesn't like Harry Potter though..
  The Conference was amazing! But not really because of what we learned there. The parts where we weren't in the conference were amazing. For example, when I got onto the bus at 2AM, Elder Willett was there! So we sat together and talked until 5AM when we took a 1 hour nap and woke up in Guadalajara. We talked about HOW he's baptizing SO MANY people. He told me that it's because he's 1) focused (obsessed) on finding full families. If someone rejects them saying "I'm catholic," he tells his companion that the person speaks another language. "I'm catholic" means "There's a wonderful family really close to here! Keep looking!" He's filled with the faith that there are many families waiting to get baptized. He prays specifically for families that don't have problems with the Sabbath Day or the law of Chastity. 2) He's so willing to drop people if they're not progressing. He says "the field is white already to harvest, BUT a LOT of the field is brown!" We have to look for all the white! We're here to harvest! Not to plant seeds!! If people aren't going to keep their commitments, they're not ready. We're not here to convince them. He's really happy! I want him to be my companion again! In the Conference, President told us to learn from Elder Willett, to figure out how he's doing this. I laughed because everyone got mad at us for talking the entire night on the bus. Sorry!
  Also, after Wednesday's conference they assigned Elder Willett and I to go to Libertad for the night (the conference would continue on Thursday). I LOVED being back in Libertad! I felt like I was in a dream. It felt so unreal. None of my converts were home of course... But we called Elder Horne and got permission to go back to Polanco for an hour to go visit Sigifredo and Tere! So that was wonderful! Sigifredo says he read the entire Book of Mormon, and THAT'S when he decided to get baptized! I loved being back in their home! Thursday morning we went and visited the Familia Reyes (Alberto passed away a few weeks ago). They were really sad, but hopefully the other daughters will now have a desire to really figure out how to be sealed as a family forever! Then the conference... then the bus ride home! I got to open a package! Thanks for the ties and goodies!
   Well, that's that! We're going to the zoo today! Enjoy the photos I'm going to send!

  Elder Mitch Poirier

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