Monday, October 3, 2011

Conference Weekend

Dear Family!
  Wasn't General Conference wonderful?! I loved it! I have to say that it really helped me feel the Spirit in such a way that I remembered why I am all the way here in Mexico. I feel like this past year I've just been worrying so much about becoming the man Heavenly Father wants me to be instead of just doing what I should do. My testimony has just been on a plateau. I've just been saying things that I know are true, but not actually sharing my testimony. So walking out of that first session of Conference, I was a changed missionary. I feel the Spirit when I contact, when I teach, when I plan, all the time! I don't want to forget that I'm here to share my testimony of the Gospel, to call people to repentance and then baptism. I don't feel regret for the past year. It was all necessary in order to get to where I am now, but I promise that this year is going to be way different. I want to depend on the Spirit. I want to treat these people as the sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father that they are. I want to make a difference and love the mission and not want to go home. So just so you know, this week marks a difference in my mission. I just want to please you all as well. I love you. I'm sorry I stress out so much. I hope that when I go home nobody starts criticizing me for how I handled the mission, etc (if I was too stressed or whatever). I'm doing my best and giving it my all and trying my hardest to do what I should be doing. Please continue to pray for me. I pray for you all! I love you! I love you all!
   Elder Mitch Poirier

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