Monday, October 17, 2011

This week's happenings

Hey family!
  Here's a short synopsis of what happened this week here in Polanco, Guadalajara, Mexico:
On Monday after writing, we went to go eat seafood with Tere and Sigifredo, two of my four favorite investigators. We ate a ceviche with squid, fish, and shrimp. But also a warm shrimp and squid coctail. I got the recipes. It reminded me so much of Florida! And we didn't get sick! The best part is that we're going again today to eat lunch with them! I love them!
2  Carlos and Lorena almost broke my heart this week. They are the other two of my favorite four investigators. We knocked the door and Carlos came out telling us that he wouldn't be able to continue meeting with us! NOOO. But I prayed so hard that that wouldn't be the case. I'd put it all in Heavenly Father's hands--this isn't how it should work out. But yes, Heavenly Father took care of it. We told him how sad we were and asked why not. He told us that he was getting opposition from his siblings. Aye. But then the Lord touched his mind. He remembered Nephi, and how he didn't give in to his brother's tauntings and opposition. They came to church! Church was awful by the way! Law of chastity was the Gospel Princ. topic. SO INAPPROPRIATE. aye
3  I got the package with the pants! Oh how lovely was the morning!
  Elder Poirier!

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