Monday, October 24, 2011

13 months!

Dear Family!
   We baptized Karen! And by the way, can you believe that I completed 13 months! I feel like I JUST completed 12! The 22nd came as a surprise. Aye. How I love the mission (even though it is the HARDEST thing I've ever done)! This week we're planning on baptizing SIX people! Pray that it all works out! I love these six, so I'm putting it in the Lord's hands. Sunday morning came, and Karen had decided that she was going to wait until next week to get baptized. She wanted to wait for her 4 sisters to get home and be able to come. But then she found out that this weekend was transfers. She decided SUNDAY MORNING to get baptized that day after church. So we scrambled, got it all together, and baptized her. The service was very simple, but it was a success! She really feels so happy! I love baptizing. Really, it's the whole point of me being here. And as it turns out, we didn't get changed! So another six weeks here in Polanco with Elder Willett!! We look forward to doing fun things with our investigators and to baptizing more often. We're kind of figuring things out. Seriously, I love the two families we're visiting. I'll send a photo of one of them. The oldest son told me a joke yesterday. "Una persona preguntó, 'quién es el mejor pollero' y la otra contestó '¡pollo, pollo!'" Do you get it mom? It's like he's saying "Pues yo." They laugh because I tell them that my name is Elder Poirier, like pollería (chicken shop).  Anyway. I love you all! Thank you for writing me! Take care! Until next week! OH AND GIVE ME MAX'S MTC ADDRESS!!
   Gracias y con amor,

 Elder Pollo

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