Monday, October 10, 2011


Dear Family!
  I don't have much time. But I just want to say that, of the people we're teaching, there are two families that I love. Tere and Sigifredo remind me of Lilli and Bill, so I love visiting them. In fact we're about to go eat with them (which is why I don't have more time!). Carlos and Lorena are like a young mom and dad meeting with missionaries. I love it! They have three young sons who love us, and they really want more unity and love in their family. Sunday morning we went by early to help make breakfast before going to church. We're hoping to start baptizing soon. Karen was going to get baptized, but it turns out she needs a little more time. She still hasn't really got an answer about the Book of Mormon. Well, that's it! I love you!
Elder Poirier

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