Monday, May 28, 2012

The Field is White

My Dear Family,
   So I'm glad mom and dad are enjoying a great Memorial Day weekend. That sounds like the great life-- reading, cleaning, eating, rain, boat, dogs, and church. How relaxing! And HOORAY for Cassie now entering summer and then soon beginning her SENIOR year. Whoa. And one month after she starts school, I GET HOME. Whoa. How quickly time has flown. But enough about time. We had a wonderful week this week! Really. It was so fun!  Elder Turnip and I are getting along great and doing a bunch of creative things. Plus we have really great investigators.
  1) Patricia is going to get baptized. She says she has just felt SUCH peace everyday and that she LOVES the Book of Mormon. All the hermanas in the ward are ready for her baptism this Saturday. Adad, her 21 year old son, is still a little unsure that he's ready for baptism. He says he believes this is all true, but he wants to really be sure about baptism. I just want to make sure if he does it, he does it for himself  and not for us or for his mom. Everytime we teach, he asks ME to say the closing prayer--even if he says it, he'll ask me to say another prayer right after. I guess he likes how I pray? There's one hermano named Ruben who is really prideful and serious. He wanted to come with us to a lesson with Patricia and Adad this week. He told them that he was going to bear his testimony, something that he never does because it's so powerful... Adad told us the next day, "Me cae gordo" or "I don't like him." Haha. Well this week Elder Turnip and I made molletes for some members and investigators in the church. Patricia and Adad came. The Hermano Ruben arrived after an hour for some reason, saw us, and asked me all offended, "Why didn't you invite me, Elder?" SORRY. It wasn't a ward activity! He stayed in the kitchen with us, but didn't eat or participate in the game we played (MAX, we played Mafia. Remember that from the Bahamas. Except we made the Mafia be the Gadianton Robbers and the citizens were Nephites. And the detective is the Chief Judge. It's a BLAST).
  2) Emma has been watching her granddaughter who has chicken pox all week in the other side of Morelia. So we hadn't been able to see her. But on Thursday we went all the way there to give a blessing to the 2 year old girl. She was scared of us because she thought we were doctors. Little kids don't like getting shots here. But she was totally calm during the blessing. It was beautiful. Afterwords she began playing and even talking, feeling a little better from the fever. Emma came to the activity we had with the molletes and to church on Sunday. We had 9 people in church on sunday!
  3) We have a bunch of other investigators as well, and a lot of them are progressing. It because we've been focusing on and praying to find FAMILIES. Full families. This week we found another 3 full families!! WHOA. So I look forward to sending you all a bunch of baptism photos. All this work is making me behind in my journal. I'm 12 days  behind. Ugh. OH. So this week some young men asked Elder Turnip, "Where are you from?" He said, "I'm from England." Then they asked, "Y como le gustan las mexicanas?" which means "And how do you like the mexican women?" He of course didn't get it and thought they had asked "Como le gusta mexico?" so he said, "Me gustan MUCHO." or "I really like them!" AHAHAHAHA everyone laughed and he didn't know why. I explained it to him and now he thinks it's SUPER funny too.
   I love it here in Itzicuaro. I feel like I'm having a lot more fun and really love the people. Everyday we try to find more people. The more we find, the more we're going to baptize. Plus if they're families, then they'll be a lot of baptisms as well. Our joy would be great with one, of course, but will be greater with many! I'm not here to plant seeds! MAX, cross that part out in Preach My Gospel about "No Effort is Wasted" in Chapter 9. That's for after the mission when you have to help yourself realize that you DID have a successful mission, but DURING the mission, you can't tell yourself that you're here to plant seeds! FIND AND DROP TO FIND MORE. The field is white family! BUT A TON OF THE FIELD IS NOT.
Elder Mitchell Poirier!!

I love you all!

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