Monday, May 14, 2012


Hey Family!
  It was so good to see you this weekend on skype! SO motivating! I can't believe I only have about four months left! That's going to FLY by. I hope Max enjoyed the video I made! I told Nana that you had a girlfriend! She probably asked you about her. It's that first she asked ME. Um Nana, I'm a missionary! I can't have a girlfriend. She says she wants me to find a sweet mexican senorita. haha. I mostly loved seeing Bentley. Or how when I called out "McGraw!" He turned the other direction attently! Haha. typical.
  This week my companion and I got sick after eating at the ward Mother's Day activity. We both vomited. Gross. I HATE vomiting. I hope that was the LAST time I vomit on the mission! It went up my nose! GROSS. But I feel way better now.
  So my companion and I are teaching a few WONDERFUL people. There's Emma, who is in 1 Nefi 15 and loves church and everything she's learning. Yesterday we helped her realize that she doesn't have to know EVERYTHING before getting baptized. She's got to show her faith and do it because she feels God is answering her prayers. She says that if that's the case, she wants to get baptized! We're planning the baptism for May 26th. There's Patricia and her son Adad who is 21 and about to be a dadahaha. Ironic, right? His girlfriend is pregnant, but it's making him think really seriously about what he wants in his future, how he is going to make a happy family. Patricia has just been feeling such peace since we began coming. She's incredibly happy. The Spirit is so strong in their house every time we go. I love them a lot. They're going to give me recipes to include in my pie shop/diner. There's Jorge and Lucia and their daughter Georgina. They need to get married, but because of the bad experience of her last marriage, Lucia doesn't want to do it. They both have been coming to the church every Sunday for a month, they read, they pray. They love this. So we need to teach the Atonement and help her heal her wounds from the past, and set the future straight. Guess what! We're going to throw pudding at a tree with them! Remember how we did that, Cassie and Max? It's going to help her get over the past. It should be really fun. Little Georgina is 9. When she shakes my hand, I pretend it electrocutes me. She thinks it's great. Those are the best investigators we have!
  Elder Turner says "alright! put your willies on!" because it rained. Read that with an english accent and look up what "willies" means.
  Yesterday an hermana gave us chocolate. HOME. MADE. Chocolate. It was INCREDIBLY delicious. I asked her to write the recipe. I'm hoping that she'll actually follow through. I want to make chocolate at home! How cool!
   I love you family!
   Elder Poirier

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