Monday, May 21, 2012

Mexico News

Dear Family,
   I'm glad to hear you're all doing well. I'm waiting patiently for Eva's opinion of this Nick. How fun that this is the LAST week of school for Cassie. She's going to be a senior. How did time fly so quickly?! As well, I'm glad that the weather is really nice in Florida. Yes, sunshine and then afternoon storms are really nice. Here in Itzicuaro it's not humid at all. It's getting close to rain season though. I hope those shoes get here quickly, mom. I hope that they kind of look like penny loafers, or it'll be like asking for pancakes and getting waffles. Same, but different. But I'll appreciate it nonetheless. Lilli wanted to know a little more about the pudding at the tree idea. Well here in Mexico they don't sell instant pudding mix, so I bought cake mix instead. We made the batter with Jorge, Lucia, and Georgina and then took it out to a tree, taking turns throwing spoonfuls. "This is one is for my brother who stole my girlfriend!" (Max....) or "This one is for my sister who doesn't write me!" (Don't worry, that one Elder Turnip said). I say Elder Turnip because of Jaz from Angus. ahah. I don't say it to him though. "Jaz, sometimes I think you're half girl, half turnip." Georgina especially loved it. "This is for my parents who don't take me to the carnival!" "This is for my teacher who didn't accept my homework" etc. The point was to help them see that all the times we've felt hurt or stressed, we can give it all to the Lord and He'll lift the burden from our shoulders. His yoke is easy, and His burden is light (Mateo 11). If we do His will, life is a lot easier.
  This week we found FOUR new families! That's great! And I'm super excited to tell you that Elder Willett is now my zone leader!!! We had changes last night, but we two are still here. Elder Willett!! WOOHOO! So I'll get to call him without it being against the rules!
  I've got to go! Our laundry is done and we're going to go to Centro today. I'll be on the lookout for those silver bracelets you want, mom. 
 Elder Poirier the first. 

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