Monday, June 4, 2012

Esta Semana En Mejico

Me Querida Familia!
   This week was excellent! Monday evening we found a family of SEVEN! There are five little girls between 8 and 15! Incredible! And all of them ended up in church on Sunday! We brought 15 investigators to church! And we BAPTIZED finally! Patricia got baptized! And the water was nice and warm in the font, which is funny because afterwords she told me she would've preferred cold water. Apparently even in winter she showers in cold water. That's actually pretty common here in Mexico. We went through the hassle of heating the water assuming that that's what anyone would prefer. Sunday night she and her son Adad (who is getting baptized this weekend!) made us enchiladas! Real mexican enchiladas! I'm going to get the recipe. So far there are three hermanas that owe me recipes. 1) The Hermana Vazquez made us Pozole de Trigo 2) The Hermana Araceli bought us Corundas and knows how to make tamales! 3) And the Hermana Zaragoza makes her OWN chocolate! And now I want the enchiladas recipe! WAY different than the ones we make at home! WAY different!
  On Tuesday we made salchipulpos and salchitacos with the Familia Valdez Villa. So delicious. But I actually stressed out. Really. I haven't stressed out in MONTHS now, but I was walking home that night when I realized, "I'm stressed out! That's why I'm feeling so unhappy!" And since then I've been trying to control it. I'm still training Elder Turner from England technically. He was part-trained in Washington and here we finished, but I figured out this week that we still have a lot of work to do. He kind of is giving me ALL the work to do, which is understandable in the first two weeks, but he's got five months in the mission and should be able to take the lead in planning, teaching, or finding. But no. So I'm working on patience and charity. Elder Willett is a great zone leader and is really helping me to stay positive and feel that I'm doing my best.
  I love to teach. I feel like every lesson can be so fun if you just turn on your charisma, which I've developed here. You've got to know how to get people to smile, open up, and feel the Spirit. I love being a missionary. Really, I had a dream this week that I went home and was SO bored. SO BORED. I was just walking around the house with nothing to do. So I need to count my blessings, and every day in MEXICO is a great blessing the Lord has given me. I'm starting to really feel that I love Mexico in a way muy diferente than a tourist would feel. It's not so much of a love for the culture, but a love for the experience and people and places that have shaped me into the person I am right now. I really am happy because I know that I'm doing my best. 
  The only thing that is worrying me is that I'm like 10 days behind in my journal. My OCD says, "You CANNOT just skip those days! GO BACK and write them!" And there's NO time.
 I love you family!
 Elder Mitch Poirier

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