Wednesday, August 3, 2011



Dear Family!
  First of all, I got transferred today!! I'm still in the city, in a ward called Polanca, a stake called Victoria. My new companion is Elder Willet from Gilbert, Arizona. Yes, the same ward as the Shreeves!! He's a really humble and happy missionary. We look forward to a lot of success. I love being in a new house and a new area! I'm so excited! I know that Elder Silos will be great in Libertad still! I hope he takes good care of all of our converts. We'd started a project. We made 7 bios of the 7 people we've baptized (Blanca, Salvador, Abel, Israel, Soraya, Karina, and Carolina) and are visiting the members to explain how we're doing OUR part, then help them to do THEIR part. So they have to read the bios and pick who they want to fellowship. Take them out to breakfast. Invite them to get icecream. Visit their house with cookies. Sit with them at church. Etc. Simple and effective. It should continue well.
  Our Christmas in July party was a blast! It was so much fun! We started with two Christmas hymns, then watched The Nativity. Soraya wanted me to translate it. What she didn't know is that it's NOT english either. Funny. We took turns having to stand up holding a pot of poinsetta (I don't remember how to spell it correctly. the red christmas flower) and share a christmas memory. I talked about Cassie wanting a star one year. And the other year wanting a robot friend. Laughs! Then we played a made-up (by me) form of pictionary.  A mix of charades and pictionary really. It was a lot of fun. The man in the photos who is wearing a white shirt and blue pants is named Noe. He is SO funny because he is socially awkward. He was fun. We all had a good time eating my cookies and then took photos. It was a good night. I want to keep doing fun things! If you can think of anything, tell me. Thank you mom for the empanada dough recipe. I want to meet a few people here and decide with whom we'll make empanadas.
  I loved the photos I got to see from the trip to the Keys! So fun! I'm glad you all had so much success catching wahoo and lobsters! I thought the other day about how happy dad will be--retired--to take me out on the boat the day after I get home and go fishing! Of course passing time with dad is what I look forward to, but also that I can get RID of this AWFUL tan without a bunch of people seeing. And as for the Hunger Games. Those are SO old. And Book 3 was STUPID. But anyway. I met a woman this week as we were talking to people passing by. She said, "oh, but I don't live here. I live by the beach." And I replied, "I live by the beach too!!" We had a mini conversation. It changed her attitude. She walked away happy afterwards.
   It's already August! How? And how have I lived a month without mail?! Yes, a month, because NO ONE has gone to the offices to pick up our mail! I hope that tomorrow..
   I love you family SO much! I love you! Keep busy and time will keep flying by!
   Elder Mitch Poirier
  Max, it's time to get your papers and interviews finished.

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