Monday, August 22, 2011

ELEVEN months!

Dear Family,
  I'm not sick anymore! Immodium. And what a great week! The Lord really made up for that last week. I guess it just took being patient in our afflictions. I've been reading in Alma lately, all about the missionaries of the Book of Mormon. My favorite scripture is Alma 26:22 where Ammon explains that to those who 1) repent 2) have faith 3) do good works and 4) pray always, unto them it will be given to baptize thousands. So I've been trying to better do those four things. And this week we baptized TWO! Olivia and Alberto! I don't have time right now to tell you their story, so next week! But I love you all and I'm SO happy that Max is officially waiting for his mission call. I say he's going to Tucson Arizona or Washington DC! I love you brother! Until next week, my wonderful family!
   Elder Mitchell Poirier

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