Monday, August 15, 2011

Miserable week...

My Dear Family!
  This week was MISERABLE. Oh it was AWFUL. I got sick! And so did my companion! Tuesday we went to district meeting, and I was feeling "cuerpo cortado" or basically achy in all my body. But I got ALL my mail!! AND a package! WHICH included 2 llama ties from Reagan! (Reagan, you are my favorite person! Thank you SO much!) So I was able to shrug it off. But during the bus ride back to our area, I got a killer headache, which lasted until yesterday. I got a fever that evening. Still, we kept working. Then went home. As I was getting ready for bed, Elder Willett's body began to ache. Aye aye aye. All night he was moaning and moaning ahah. He says it made him feel better. Wednesday we stayed in the house all day. I just had diarrhea and the headache, but my compy suffered from it all. We thankfully didn't vomit all week. We felt fine enough to work Thursday, but we were weak. Saturday night I woke up 6 times during the night to go diarrhea. Aye. Finally we think we're okay. But maybe it's just the Pepto Bismol covering it all up. Anyway, we didn't have a good week in numbers either. I was just feeling burnt out. But I'm so glad I got to read all your emails. It lifts me up!
  I don't have much more time! But know that besides my infirmities, I'm doing great. We have a select group of cool investigators. This week we hope to do some fun and creative things with them! I hope Cassie has a great first week of school. Did she choose Bio or Chem? Cassie, your junior year is only SUPER hard if you're lazy about it. Put a little effort to stay organized and ahead. You'll do great!
  I love you!
   Elder Mitchell Poirier (como pollería, pero no vendo pollo)

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