Monday, July 25, 2011

TEN Months

Dear Family!
  Today is Christmas in July! Merry Christmas! We're going to make those peanut butter kiss cookies for our little party. Peanut butter is super expensive here and very hard to find. But we got it! And the kisses too. I have really good news to tell you, but first I want to say that I'm a little jealous you are all in the Keys. Second, that we knocked a door and a little boy yelled, "Quien?" I said "hola!" And he replied "Who's 'hola?'" Kind of funny. Third, that yesterday I vomited TWICE in the street. Gross. The first time we were trying to make it back to the chapel so I could vomit in a toilet. But I didn't make it. So I threw up into a bucket of trash outside of a little store. Miserable. One guy gave me some toilet paper to wipe my face and offered water. I gave Elder Silos money to buy me a gatorade so that I could rinse my mouth with a flavor. I felt MUCH better. We'd eaten tacos the night before at a place we'd never gone to before. Later, I felt it again. This time I vomited in a storm drain (or whatever they're called--the things no one wants to walk over because of the fear they'll fall through). This time as well someone called out offering a cup of water. But it turned out they were offering a cup of beer and joking that I drunk too much. Elder Silos became infuriated. Whatever. They were drunk. They probably vomit a lot more that I ever will. And we kept working. Poor Mitchell. I still feel really weak and my stomach hurts.
  So. This week we decided to challenge Soraya, Karina, and Carolina to be baptized Saturday the 23rd of July. They were a bit hesitant, but decided to accept. They all passed their interviews! And on Saturday they got BAPTIZED!! Woohoo! They all wanted ME to baptize them! And Elder Silos? I told them to think about it. Carolina decided to ask him instead. She's very compassionate. The service was beautiful! I love baptizing! We're so happy for them! Three baptisms! Now we've got to work on Soraya's husband and two sons. Mom, can you write me all about your baptism, maybe even all your conversion? Please! :) And do we happen to have photos of my baptism?
  Last night I had a dream that Max got his mission call to...AFRICA. I woke up relieved. I don't want him to go to Africa. It is wonderful being in another country, an adventure, but I really do miss Arizona and hope that Max gets called state-side. I know he'll love it. Oh, also in the dream, Sam Ballard was called to Africa as well! I want to hear when they actually get their mission calls!
  Family, I love you and hope that you are enjoying your vacation. I can't believe 10 months have gone by! I'm ready for a new area. This is the last week of this transfer, and I hope that I get changed! Thank you for all your prayers and love!
 Elder Mitchell Poirier

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