Monday, August 8, 2011

News from Polanca

                                                Empanadas de queso y jamon

Dear Family!
  First let me tell you that none of our leaders have gone to the offices in a month (even though they're super close), so I haven't read a letter in a month. For that reason I have stopped writing people. Plus there's no post office in my area. And I don't have money right now. I will continue writing letters soon. Anyway, this week Elder Willett and I had a great time and a lot of success! When we planned for the week, we talked about how we were going to work this week so that it'd be like we'd already been working in this area for six weeks. Accelerate it basically. He had only been here two weeks. So we were new to the area and everything. We planned certain goals:
1) Gain the trust of the members ASAP. We started by complementing their houses, their food, their testimonies, etc. We left sticky notes on their bathroom mirrors after we'd eaten with them. Thank yous. And I continue asking for recipes!
2) We were going to gain the trust and love of our investigators ASAP. On Friday we celebrated an unbirthday party (Aleksi's idea) with a family. It was really a lot of fun. We'd made a cake. (We're going to do it again with other people. It will be even better. Plus we'll remember our cameras). We sang "Feliz Cumplenada a nadie" Also, Friday night we made empanadas for another family. We baked them! But obviously we had to be cheap, so we filled them with cheese and ham (so Mexico). Everyone loved them. I got some photos. Elder Willett told me it was probably his favorite day on the mission so far. I continue to have plans! Creativity is what makes this fun and successful!
3) We wanted to complete the Standard of Excellence (our weekly mission goal). We did! Whoop whoop! President Jesperson even came to church on Sunday, so it was great to be there with 6 investigators in church. This ward is FULL of hermanas, but hardly any hermanos. Sad. We only have a Bishop's counselor. And of course NO Gospel Principles teacher. Dumb. We had to teach it. I don't like that because we already teach the investigators ALL week. So Sunday should be different.
   Personally, I'm trying to be more Christ-like. Have charity. I want to be the best missionary, sincerely. I want to love the mission!
Oh, and we've been running in the mornings!
I love you all!
Read other books please!
  Elder Mitchell Poirier

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