Monday, May 2, 2011

7 months into my mission...

  This week was SO stressful! I'm SO sad that Elder Padgett left :( I had two temporary companions, Elder Reyes from Peru and now Elder Flores from Monterrey Mexico. Both have helped me a lot this week, but neither really cared for my investigators like I do. Elder Flores is my companion until May 8th. Then he goes home. So that's all he's worried about. Really I felt the burden of being the one in charge instead of it being equal like it should be. My prayers were more fervent. I was begging the Lord to just let me complete with the Standard of Excellence. For those of you who probably don't know. The Standard is a set of goals we should be accomplishing weekly. Hardly any missionaries actually do it. It is as follows: 5 investigators with a baptismal date, 5 in church on Sunday, 7 new investigators, 20 lessons, and 200 contacts. Weekly. That means talk to 200 people at their doors or on the street weekly. Seven new people studying what we believe weekly. It's hard. Elder Padgett and I did it 2/4 weeks, so it was my goal to be able to do it this week with all the stress of two temporary companions, one who had to go to the hospital every morning, and the other who prefers chatting with everyone for hours instead of working. Really, it should've been impossible to do it this week, but we DID do it. And it's not because of me. I worked my hardest. I gave it my all. Really, in this week I changed so much how I view the mission and how I love and worry about my investigators. My faith has grown. I was patient in my afflictions, and the Lord did everything. I'm so happy! I am a little worried about who my next companion will be. We'll find out next Monday...
  So I'm SUPER excited to skype you all (minus Aleksi, but she could be on the phone, right?). I look forward to it a lot. I hope again to complete the Standard. Anyway, one funny story. This week there were three little boys tossing something in the air and then kicking it up, like a drop-kicking a soccerball (by the way, we played soccer today again and I love it. I'm getting good a being goalie!). When we got closer, I saw that it was a dead bird they were picking up and kicking. Really?
  One of our investigators is named Blanca. She reminds me SO much of Aleksi! She's not a natural blonde, but has the same skin tone (yes there are white mexicans. They call them güeros or something). She designs shoes and is really fashiony, but short. It's so funny. She came to church on Sunday and loves the Book of Mormon! She's sharing it with her mom and friends who are also becoming interested! She's like 35 though, so that you can imagine this better.
  Here in Mexico, they celebrate the day of the child (kid's day) on April 30th. So all over the streets, every corner, there are inflatable obstacle courses or water things. I don't know what they're called, but basically like jump-houses. That's what they do to celebrate every holiday or what they do on school vacation. That's how they celebrate Easter- no candy, no Easter Bunny, etc. The Catholics have tons of traditions, but for Mexican traditions, it's just inflatable water parks.
  I love you family! Happy Mother's Day mom!! SEE you on Saturday!
 Elder Mitchell Poirier

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