Monday, April 25, 2011


Dear Family,
  First I want to apologize to all my friends and family who write me letters. To better focus on my purpose as a missionary and the work that I'm involved in, I won't be writing letters often. I do love reading everyone's letters! I love and appreciate all your encouragement and support. I just need to be more focused on the work. Please understand! I love you all!
  As for this week, it was really great! Elder Padgett and I had a lot of success! So many people came to church on Sunday! I love all our investigators. I can't wait to begin baptizing. The sad thing is that today we got a phone call from our leaders telling us that Elder Padgett is getting transferred. Now he's already left for a city called Morelia. I'm so sad! He was my favorite companion! These next two weeks before the transfer ends I'll be having two temporary companions, one at a time of course. So in two weeks I'll be given another companion that will LIKELY stay my companion for six weeks. Complicated, and I'm bummed, but what can I do. I know that Heavenly Father is doing everything to make me the best missionary I can be. I learned a lot from being with Elder Padgett, even if only for 4 weeks.
 Well, a couple funny stories how about since I don't have much time tonight (I'm in the offices waiting for an Elder Reyes).
1 This week "little" Angel de Jesus kept spitting on us! Ugh! AND we got locked in an apartment complex! And little kids throw rocks at us sometimes. So I definitely feel like the sons of Mosiah. But we were patient in our afflictions and are having a lot of success. Alma 26:27-30
2 Elder Padgett taught me that at night you could tell passersby "Bubblicious" and they'll think you're trying to say "Buena Noches". SO funny!
3 Angel de Jesus was playing by the side of a sofa, but then stood up, hit the arm rest and fell back to the ground. Funny little chubby kid.
4 This Sunday was Easter, and we were asked to speak in Sacrament meeting. I spoke on the Ressurrection. I think I did a good job, lots of personal stories. Afterwords a woman came up to me and told me that everytime she sees me she sees Jesus Christ! I asked, "Why?!" And she told me it's because I'm so happy! Aww ahahah
5 Finally, this week I met this "Seer" lady who apparently has a gift of discernment. From a drawing of a tree she could tell a lot about you. She told me that I think too much and act too little. She told me a bunch of other things too, but you already know me. 
   I love you family! Until next week! i LOVE YOU!!!
  Elder Poirier
PS I have tons of photos but no time to send them! Next week then!

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