Monday, May 23, 2011

8 months down!

Dear Family,
  This week went by SUPER quickly! I don't even know how.. We DID baptize!!! Blanca asked me to baptize her! And this week we're going to baptize two more people!! FINALLY! It was really a special service. She said she felt so different afterwords. Family, can you believe I have 8 months now?! How does time go by so quickly?! I'm a third of the way done. This week Elder Silos and I worked really hard, but besides the baptism, we didn't have the success we wanted. We hope that it was just something to test our animo and perseverence. We did have fun still! On Friday we got icecream, Saturday tortas ahogadas, Sunday free tacos!, and today we played soccer! We are being 100% obedient and I'm trying to help him become a great teacher. I'm really glad to have him as my compy. I think that soon we'll be better friends. Speaking of friends, I got to call Elder Padgett this week to tell him that Blanca got baptized. We had originally started teaching her. He was super happy! 8 months...
 This week we decided to stop teaching this old woman named Jenny. She's a 65 yr old American woman living on NO money here in Mexico, depending on a few churches for food, clothes, and shelter. The last time that we taught her, as we were saying goodbye, she grabbed my shoulder and leaned in to kiss my cheek!! What?! NO. She was offended, to say the least. But I'm a missionary! "What? You don't let your mom kiss your cheek either?" Um.. but you're not my mom! Also, I figured out a way to be smart with people who tell us rudely (such attitude) that they don't have time when we knock their door (instead of being kind and saying that they are not interested). I say, "Okay, we'll pass by tomorrow!" super kindly. It helps them learn that a lack of time is not a good enough excuse for us.
  A couple nights ago, my compy and I were talking for a while about how each of our investigators would be as members of the church. It made us really happy. For example, Ceñorina really loves serving others. She usually goes to the hospital on Sundays to visit people who don't have families or any visitors (she doesn't even know them). What a great Relief Society sister she'd be! We did it for all of our investigators. I think it's important to have vision! And it helps us feel more love for them all.
  I love you my family! Until next week!
  Elder Mitch Poirier

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