Monday, May 16, 2011


Elder Hernandez, Elder Silos and me

My Dear Family,
  Yes. I'm training. His name is Elder Silos. He is from Toreon, Mexico, which is up by Texas. He reminds me SO much of me when I first went to Arizona and was hating everything. Poor guy. He's super homesick when we're stuck in the house, but then feels great when we're out teaching and having success. By the way, we completed the standard this week! WOOHOO. Only 9 companionships did it. Anyway, at least we get along. And this weekend we have two people who should be getting baptized! So he needs to cheer up lol. I was with someone I didn't get along with and not baptizing. But it's alright. I'm being patient. It's only hard for me to be patient when I have to answer all his questions two times (the first time he never understands). Perhaps it's my spanish. Anyway, we're being diligent and I'm trying to show him a good example. We had a week of miracles! One investigator, Salvador, had a change of heart and mind. All the doubts he had about Christ were resolved when he finally prayed about it and read Alma 32. He's getting baptized this sunday!!!!!! And Blanca also is ready. She wants a fresh start in life, cleansed from all mistakes and sins. So she's getting baptized this sunday too! Please pray for them! This week we gave a blessing to a woman named Ceñorina. She told us right after that she felt something strange- a peace, or tranquility. She said she couldn't explain it. Whoa. We were so happy! She's progressing towards baptism also! Basically Heavenly Father has really blessed us this week! And all the people we're teaching. I'm super grateful and super excited to start baptizing. I really feel like the Lord is making me the man I need to become. I just have to keep being patient in afflictions, obedient, and humble (willing to change).
  I got a letter this week from Elder Glenn (my compy in Douglas). He told me that two of our investigators got baptized after I left!!!! That made my week!!!! I can't tell you  how much I miss Douglas, Arizona! Please, can we go there the Christmas I get home?! Seriously! Consider it. I just wanted to tell one other thing that really made my week. There's this group of eight boys, all about 7 or 8 that live on one street and are always outside. They've decided that I look like Javier Hernandez (Chicharito), the soccer player for Mexico, turned Manchester United (the one I loved watch play in the World Cup this summer), so everytime they see us, they yell, "CHICHARITO" and wave at me! I feel like a hero! Two days ago they actually all came up to us and gave me high fives. They asked if I played soccer. I asked if they liked Harry Potter.
    Anyway family, I love you! I'm glad you all had a great week! I'm not so sure I'm happy with Cassie's week. But I'm in Mexico, so whatever.
 Elder Mitchell Poirier

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