Monday, March 28, 2011

New Companion!

  First of all I got a package this week that was sent January 25th. It was the one with a tie. The reason it took so long was that it got inspected. Apparently they steal things also, so with every next package you may send me, please include a detailed list of what is inside so that I can check if that's true. Second of all, Elder Parry got transferred!! What?! President told us we could stay together for another transfer! But my new companion is Elder Padgett. Let me just tell you that when I first came to Mexico, in my first interview with President, he pointed out Elder Padgett's photo and told me, "That is the highest baptizing missionary in the mission." and he went on talking about how great he is. The Hermana Jesperson even came up to him once and told him, "Thank you for being such an outstanding missionary. I think when a missionary is extraordinary, he should know it." WHOA. So I feel intimidated, but also excited for this transfer! I hope it's that President thought we would work really well together. I really like him--HE'S FROM CALIFORNIA!!! (not Utah or Idaho). We got the transfer calls at almost one in the morning last night, and Elder Parry had to pack. Then I couldn't sleep because my mind was reeling. And we woke up at 6 to take Elder Parry to the train station, so I'm EXHAUSTED. So tired. But it's finally P-day!!!
  It's great to hear that you're all enjoying yourselfs, whether it's Vegas, Spring Break, an I-phone, UF, or boating. I'm jealous, but I love being here. I'm in Mexico! And we have Perla AND Carlos coming to church now. Dad, I'm sending a recipe for "Chocoflan" home. It's also called the "Pastel Impossible" or Impossible Cake because it's a flan on TOP of a chocolate cake. SO DELICIOUS. Two investigators made it for us last night. We really wish we could get the help of the members! They are only slowly gaining confidence in us. Everyone here in Mexico is SO busy working ALL day that they don't have the time to come out with us. But I wish that they'd do more than greet our investigators at church. Help them feel like family!
I love you, family!!!
Elder Mitchell Poirier
AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! Sorry it's late

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