Monday, March 7, 2011

And I love it!

Can you believe it's already been another week! Time just goes so fast here! Especially when you're used to the area and your companion. Let's see. This week a little kid kept yelling "VIVA LA VIRGEN" every time we walked by because his mom was telling him to. Really? Raising your kid to be intolerant? We got fed taquitos! I love that we finally got mexican food from the members! Everyone here adds flavor to their water by the way. Like koolaid, but it actually tastes like juice from a certain fruit. For example, my favorite is the grapefruit. Anyway, we taught a woman this week who CANNOT hear my companion, Elder Parry. She makes all these weird faces as he talks. And then asks, "what?" So I have to repeat everything he says. Isn't that strange? For once in my life MY voice is not the one that's too deep to hear. (My voice isn't heard because my skin is too dark--Max). Also this week, we saw several little kids riding bikes and playing together on this small street. It was a game called "Toll." They were basically riding in circles, passing by one girl who would make them stop and pretend-pay a toll. HOW FUN!
Seriously, we had WAY more imagination than that.
Elder Parry treated the four of us elders that live in our house to pan dulce (bread from a bakery). We were all home eating it quietly because it was so good. I felt like one of the lost boys, finally being fed. Not that we were hungry. I just felt like a little kid. One of our investigators, Alicia, tried to fool us this week, claiming that she did read the pamphlet. We asked what she liked. She made up something about seeing loved ones after we die. Um. Not in that pamphlet. Then she turned to a random page with a photo and told us it made her think of how the Catholics do infant baptism. What was our point of view on that?   Um.. Nice try. Why lie to us? Do you want us to keep coming back? I don't get it..
Anyway family, I'm in MEXICO! I finally am being hit by that! And I love it! I know I'm going to even miss the smell of the dead dogs on the street, so I'm trying to appreciate it all now! I'm in a foreign country! I'm traveling! I'm a missionary!! So strange. I wonder if my high school teachers know where I am now.
I love you all! Miss you!
Love, Elder Mitchell Poirier

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