Monday, April 4, 2011


                                              My New Comp, Elder Padgett
                HUGE torta (a torta here is a sandwich, not a cake, like it is in Chile)

                                                 Saying Good-bye to Elder Parry
                             and teaching the Hermanas to say BFF and give a high 5

Dear Family!!
  This week was wonderful! First of all, I loved General Conference. We English-speaking elders got to watch it in one of the sunday school rooms in English! I loved the talk by Elder Cook and the one by Elder Scott. We missionaries rave about Elder Holland, but he didn't really have a topic :( Of course I love listening to the prophet, President Monson. We invited SO many investigators to come and watch Conference and hear the prophet, but only 3 came in total (of all 5 sessions). I wish people would have really considered what we were saying; a modern-day Moses or Noah or Peter would be speaking to us. Why wouldn't everyone be interested in hearing what they have to say?
  Also, I love my companion! Elder Padgett is my favorite so far! He's super funny and relaxed, but totally obedient and a hard-worker. We are going to have a lot of success together! He told me a funny joke, "What was the last thing Lot said to his wife before she turned to stone?" I'll put the answer at the end of the email. We get along great. Today for P-day we played soccer! I love it! And then we went to buy some reversible ties! They're the coolest! I want to buy some for Max and Dad! We sent mail and soon we're going to have a BBQ with the rest of the elders in our zone, and sisters. The sisters are hilarious! This week I've just been so happy. It's indescribable because I haven't baptized in a while, but I'm happy and so excited for the next 18 months of my mission. I can see me going home SUPER excited, but also a little sad that it's over. Especially since I'll have three months before school starts. But I'm happy here! And it makes me happier knowing that you are all living life normally and happily as well. I'm glad in these 6 months not much has changed! Though really soon Max will be out here in Mexico also! He'll be my companion! I wish!
 This week-ish I started the Book of Mormon over in Spanish (Yes! I read it all in spanish once now!) and a verse really struck me about Sariah when her sons finally return from Jerusalem. It's 1 Nephi 5:8. She realizes that the Lord protected her sons and gave them power to fulfull what He was asking of them. That's the same for all of us missionaries. We're protected. We have spiritual power. So don't worry about us. Trust in the Lord and keep keeping His commandments!
  I love you all! I miss you!
 Elder Mitchell Poirier
Whoops! The joke is:
"Hey, honey, is there anyone following us?"

1Nephi 5:8  "... yea, and I also know of a surety that the Lord hath protected my sons, and delivered them out of the hands of Laban, and given them power whereby they could accomplish the thing which the Lord hath commanded them.”

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