Monday, February 28, 2011

Yes for Mexico!

           First, I miss Bentley. I want to squeeze him! Now, let me describe this LONG week. First let me say that we kicked butt! Except with people coming to church. We found 14 new investigators! Two of them dropped us on Thursday though because apparently their parents were "enojados" Darn. We met a kid named Moises who really had questions with the Catholic church, so we were teaching him about what we believe. Then it became super hard to find him! And his dad kept wanting to talk to us, but he's CRAZY. We gave him a pamphlet, and the next day he'd returned it to us with a bunch of antimormon questions and facts stapled inside. Geez! Turns out, Moises got kicked out of his house. So now he'll be even harder to find. We taught a lot of cool people this week, but their issue is that we can hardly see them. I hope it all works out though. OH, let me explain pouch mail real fast! If you're going to send me pouch mail, then don't send it to Mexico! Send it to the POB Salt Lake address. But if you're going to send me a normal, enveloped letter, then send it to Mexico. Dearelder is fastest and most effective though. Now, as for Max! DONT SEND ME A MEMORY CARD! It'll get stolen for SURE. Just send me the CDS bc then it doesn't matter. Anyway, this week was Elder Parry's birthday, so I treated him to churros, icecream, and cookies! Delicious. We're twenty! So strange. And that day we had a lot of success! We were talking about how it was your (mom and dad) anniversary, and I almost said "They've been married longer than I've been alive!" Well, duh. Twice this week I accidentally opened someone's door. The first was when I leaned on it. The second was when I was knocking. Luckily in each case, no one was home. This week I had another hypoglaecemic (how do you spell it?) attack. I had to buy peanuts. I ate them while we waited outside a girl's house. Her name was Saira and she was singing to the radio REALLY loudly, so we were waiting for the song to end. It was really sweet of us. We didn't want to embarrass her. But it turns out that it was Saira's mother. Who ..kindly.. let us know that their family is Catholic and she'll be returning Saira's Book of Mormon, which she did. We're not teaching 10 year olds here! They're at least 19 every time! But still the parents get so upset! And it's the persons' choice! We're not forcing them! Whatever. So we felt depressed and went to get icecream for the second time in the week. We had a delicious lunch a couple days ago! An hermana set up a table in the shade for us and gave us cream of mushroom soup and bread roles, then a plate of stuffed chicken breast (ham, corn, cheese, green peppers) spaghetti, and a shredded carrot (with apple, walnut, raisin, and orange juice) mix. DELICIOUS. We had flan for dessert! MMmm. It was so good! We were so giddy! She told us it was because if her daughter were to serve a mission, she'd want her to be fed very well. Yesterday Elder Parry made us french toast before church. So I'm being fed well. And last night we got free tacos and horchata from a guy who owns a taco place!
  Anyway, there are more letters going out today! Words of Elder Parry (put into my words), nobody is perfect and yet a commandment is "Be ye perfect." How? Because when we do our best, Heavenly Father does the rest. He lifts us. He finishes what we started. He really helps us to keep that commandment!
I love you all! Time's going by quickly! I love that I'm in Mexico. Isn't it weird that soon Max will be on a mission, and that will be part of our "normal" life.

Love, Elder Mitch Poirier
"Pop Rocks!"                                    

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