Monday, February 21, 2011

5 months later...


Dear Family,
  Another week in Mexico! Tomorrow marks my 5 month mark! Can you believe it's already been five months! Every month is so fast! This week we had a big, two-day conference with all the missionaries in the city of Guadalajara. We basically had a big training. I learned a lot and really felt motivated to go out and work really hard. Here in this mission we have what's called a Standard of Excellence, or certain goals to keep missionaries working hard and balanced. For example, we have to teach at least 20 lessons every week, bring 5 investigators to church, find 7 new investigators, contact 200 people, etc. But because this week we had this two day conference, it was extremely hard to complete the standard. We didn't end up doing it. Most people couldn't. It really stressed us out. We were walking really quickly every day, teaching everyone who was interested, and really focusing on the work. I finally realized how much more potential I have to work harder. And also, the words of Gordon B. Hinckley's dad came to my mind a lot. "Forget yourself and go to work". It actually works, which is great because this week I got TONS of letters. All the ones that arrived in Arizona after I got my visa, plus a bunch that had been sent to me or deareldered. Get this, Arizona told me "Please inform your correspondants that your address has changed. We cannot continue forwarding your mail." Really? Did they expect my mail to just automatically stop the random day I got my visa? Or that I wasn't telling people I'm in Mexico?! So dumb. Anyway, I loved the conference because in the morning we had to take a taxi, a subway, and a bus to get there. I felt like I was in Harry Potter for some reason. It was so cool! I really think I want to do a semester at the University of Guadalajara later. The city is such a neat place, but I really do look forward to being back in little Stuart Florida.
Anyway, my companion and I decided that we don't care about that standard of excellence. We're going to use it as our goal to keep us balanced and working with all our efforts, but I'm not going to let it stress me out anymore. I care more for the people and that we're actually finding and helping people who really are willing to do what we say will give them an answer that this really is God's one church. We lay it out so clearly. 1) Listen to the messages we share 2) Read from the Book of Mormon 3) Pray and ask God, "Is the Book of Mormon true?" or "Was Joseph Smith really called to be a prophet?" or "Are the things the missionaries are teaching me true?" We want to help people understand why it's SO important to know the answers to these questions. To you all, why IS it so important to know the answers to these questions. Anyway, we want to really focus on the people. And we are going to do all we can to make sure we are perfect teachers, perfect missionaries, so that it really only depends on the people.
This week I read John 21 again and really thought to myself, "Do I really love Christ?" It's hard to answer that question. I want to love Him. I know I love Heavenly Father- I see all the blessings He's given me. I feel Him when I pray. I know He loves me. But Christ? I understand all that Christ did for me and how it really affects me personally, but do I love Him? Do I know Him? It's hard to say. Anyway, I love being a missionary. This really is the hardest thing ever, but I think I must be naive to think that it will be easier after the mission. Because my work never ends.
I love you all! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!
Elder Mitchell Poirier
PS Last Monday I sent letters out to some friends and family. Tomorrow I'll get to do the same, but I'm sending them all home in a yellow envelope. Please mail them to the people. I've addressed envelopes already. I didn't have time to write letters to you all though! I'm sorry! But next week for sure they'll be sent out. At least I get to email you, right?


 Elder Parry, Elder Miller, Elder Wallace, and me.

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