Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm 20!!!

Dear Family,
 I promised a happier email, so here it goes:
1) We were talking to a guy who was in the bed of his truck unloading things. Then he was getting out and hopped over this rack thing (I've included a photo of the truck). But the whole metal contraption lifted up and fell on top of him. And he was alright, so it was super funny! Crazy guy.
2) We were walking back from lunch with the Bishop when this man starts yelling at us from a distant corner "Pueblo Catolico!" and in spanish basically telling us to get out! This is a catholic town! You're not welcome here!! And he was shooing us. So strange. Imagine if in Utah the mormons acted like that to people of other faiths. It just doesnt happen.
3) I started running again! Well, I went once and then I was so sore! Plus from soccer last monday. So I ran once! And I'm going to start again. Everyone here is worried about their weight (especially my new compy: more on that soon).
4) One thing Elder Marlow was told before going home was not to judge his family for not being perfect. It's funny because as missionaries, we can practically be perfect, so I could see how some would go home and go nuts over their family not keeping the Sabbath Day holy, or watching certain movies, etc.
5) We said "Buenos Dias" to a woman and she said "Callete!" or "shut up". Really? Ouch
6) Churros here are only three pesos!!! That's about a quarter! Can you imagine if Disney World sold churros for a quarter?!
7) This week I met a little kid who reminded me of myself (as a kid). He was really shy and talked like I did in that safety/kidnap video "Yes. No. Yes. Laura Gerics." And he LOVED Harry Potter, so I told him I'm going to call him Harry Potter. I love hearing kids say Harry Potter in a spanish accent.
8) I've seen two sleeping hobos in the sidewalk, completely collapsed like they don't care where. It reminded me of that episode of the show about "what would you do" or something. But everyone just walks around them.
9) Now, last Tuesday I got a surprise call saying that I needed to go for a week to another area to be with an Elder whose compy went home early. So here I am in a place called Libertad. My new companion is Elder Parry. Last night we got our transfer calls and now we're compys for the next 6 weeks.
10) Elder Parry and I were walking on the sidewalk past a bunch of doors. At one door a hand popped out from under and started scrambling as if it was trying to grab us. Strange. So we turned around and tried to see if it'd happen twice. Nothing. But on the time going back to where we were heading, it popped out again!
11) Elder Parry told me Friday morning that we had to speak in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. In Spanish of course. First time! But it went really well. I felt really good about it and even got two compliments, which is a lot b-c Elder Parry says people NEVER compliment talks.
12) Elder Parry is really cool. He's from Utah (will I ever get a compy not from Utah or Idaho?). He talks about home and life after the mission ALL the time, so that's kind of hard. And he considers himself a "health freak". He doesn't eat tortillas. But we get along. And his last companion didn't do anything! So he's used to working alone basically but is happy I'm a hard-worker. I like him a lot, except when he corrects my spanish while I'm teaching (SO distracting) or when he teaches deep doctrine to people! UGH. But anyway, this is a cool area! I just wish I got a chance to say goodbye to Miriam.
13) Have you heard of the Luz del Mundo church. I hadn't. But it's SO big here. Their main temple is right next to my area. After my birthday cake (hold on..) we went walking in that part of town. It was really strange. And nothing against other religions, it just was nothing I'd seen before. The woman all wear long skirts, and yet there are still all the styles of normal life: goth, rock, etc. And they still divide into couples and are really touchy/kissy. It's not like a Bible school group. Anyway..
14) BIRTHDAY!! In the morning Elder Parry wished me a Happy Birthday. I'd forgotten ahah. I'M TWENTY! So weird. Elder Parry treated me to icecream. Delicious! I got mamey and coconut in a cone! So good! And then we met up with two other elders and bought a big tres leches to eat at a member's house. They all sang a different happy bday song to me (it's recorded on my camera, but too big to send in email) and then they made me take a bite out of it--no hands! And of course, the mom squished my face into it more. It was so fun! I love being a missionary!

So family! I love you! Thanks for all your emails! I hope you all have great weeks! Especially you, mom and dad! Happy Anniversary!
Elder Poirier

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