Monday, January 31, 2011

Really, I'm in Mexico!

This week was pretty crazy! It still hasn't hit me that I'm in Mexico!! But I'm starting to look around and love it. Last P-day we went to this big mall that sold a bunch of knock-off things: jerseys, shoes, bags, jewelry, etc. I didn't buy anything, but it was pretty cool to walk around. The vendors yell at us Americans, begging us to buy things. And they'll try to rip us off, but you can barter the price. It's pretty cool. Also, in the United States they have icecream trucks, but here they have icecream bikes. They have the icecream in the front of the bike and they ride really slowly with music playing. Its that song that the Penningtons taught you how to play on the piano really quickly!!! So funny! Anyway, last week Aleksi asked me what I smell when I walk on the streets: dead dog, garbage, gasoline, mango, citrus, churros, or jasmine! Those are the things I smell most. And you always hear roosters and barking dogs. Anyway, for 4 pesos all the little shops sell fresh bread, different varieties, frosted or sugared. It's SO good. I need to stop spending my money on it, but its SO cheap. Everyday we have to cross a big highway on foot. My companions joke that it's like playing Frogger! So dangerous. By the way, Elder Marlow definitely runs like Rett (the grandpa shuffle). Another cool thing, poinsiettas grow all year here in Guadalajara, so they're everywhere! And at church this Sunday, there were only 47 people--including kids and infants!
Now, this week I got to baptize Miriam!!! That scripture I gave her really helped her realize that she doesn't have to have a perfect testimony to be baptized. She just needs the desire to believe. I'm so happy for her! And she's finally decided to let her heart speak, not her mind. And she's found peace. This week we also taught three guys in a dentist office. They make dentures basically. They are all really awesome and close to our age. I'm excited to see them progress. I got mom's dearelder last monday. I'm expecting to get the pouch mail soon. I guess dearelder is faster! So tell everyone to send me a bunch!! Also, tell Max to send me a CD full of January's photos. I got to have an interview with President again. Basically he asked me if I was a Nephi or a Laman. Am I going to learn from challenges or murmur and blame? I realize that I don't want to be the best missionary to prove myself to President or to gain his respect or admiration. I just want to work and be the best missionary, proving to Heavenly Father that I can lead and baptize. Then I want to go home. Love, Elder Mitchell Poirier

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