Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Dear Family,
I'M IN MEXICO!!!!!!  I only have five minutes to email. I want to say that the flight was fine and shorter than i thought it'd be. I talked to an old couple sitting next to me. I LOVE IT HERE. I love my mission president already. He told me that he feels there's something special about me and another elder who also came (on a different plane), and so he spent a long time deciding who our companions will be. Mine are Elders Rodriguez and something else.. Anyway, it's so much like Miami here, minus the skyscrapers. But I'll tell you more next week. Just know I'm safe and loving it here! I KNOW this is the mission and the place for me. I love you all!!!! PS I had letters waiting for me from Cody Rogers, Jane Logan, Tristen Miller, and the Shumway family. They must have sent them a long time ago, but i had no idea. I love you all!!!!!!
 Elder Mitchell Poirier

PSS- no one can say Poirier---- ahaha it might just become Elder Pollo.
PSSS-Friends, I'm only allowed email from my family.  Sorry about that.  Mission rules.  Please write me-
Elder Mitchell Poirier
Mexico Guadalajara East Mission
Calle Aguamarina #3292
Colonia Residencial Victoria
45089 Zapopan, Jalisco

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Remember I'm in the Mexico Guadalajara East Mission on the drop down menu.

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