Monday, January 3, 2011

Feliz Ano Nuevo 2011

Dear Mom, Dad, Aleksi, Max, and Cassie,
  A few things: thanks for the chicken pot pie and flan recipes. This Wednesday we're eating at the McCue's again. We eat there at least once a week. They wanted someone else to cook, but I'm the only one who can.  And Sister McCue is super excited to try our family flan!!! Also, I'm sending home a package filled with letters that I've received in these three months, plust things I've been given (like Kassia's stuffed animal). Please don't open the package, but just put it in my closet. I'd appreciate it. Next, how were the chili lollipops? Did you wonder how people actually enjoy those? And finally (before I actually get to the good stuff), I hate to report the death of another dog: Tiny. The same stupid chihuahua that urinated on Elder Glenn's backpack last week. You know what they say about karma...

Now, this week has been really good for me. I've been able to refocus on being a better missionary. I finally figured out a way to study with the Preach My Gospel. I've just started from the beginning and am highlighting and making notes in the margins. It's working well for me. Plus, I'm doing it all in Spanish. I'm also in Helaman 14, so I'm getting excited to get to 3 Nephi in Spanish. So with studies and missionary work, I'm enjoying myself. We're teaching a lot of people, but one that is really progressing is named Clarissa. She's 32 but sounds like she is 16. We really like her because she REALLY wanted to learn what we taught and see for herself if it was true. In all other churches she has felt incomplete, but as she's been reading and praying and meeting with us, she says that she's found what will make her complete. She's going to be baptized the 29th, but it's possible that I will have my visa by then. According to President Walker, I'll be getting my visa in these next couple of weeks. Of course, he hasn't told me that, but told Elder Muniz.
 On Friday, IT SNOWED!!! (Refer to pictures above)...
 I'm excited for all the photos Max is sending me. I hope I get them today or tomorrow. But I won't be able to look at them until next Monday anyway.. Actually, the McCue's loved looking at my photo album, maybe they'll want to see some of them!!! If it gets there in time.
I'm embroidering a memento of each area I have been in...

I left my list of things to say at the apartment, so that's all for today. I love you all. I love being a missionary here in Douglas. Being in Tucson was miserable, but looking back, it was really good for me to learn to endure it well. And I'm glad that it was first. Everything in comparison will be wonderful. So just know that I love being out here despite really wishing I wasn't missing out on so many memories with you all and my friends. But time's flying. It only seems like a long time if I say, "I have all of 2011 left and then most of 2012." ahah    
Cookie Dust(Thanks Eva)

 I love you all!!!!!!
                                                          Love, Elder Mitchell Poirier

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