Monday, December 27, 2010


Ugly Sweaters from Goodwill
 Elder Poirier, Elder Bowen, Elder Glenn
Ramon's Day
"Baptism by immersion for the remission of sins, by one having authority, is a true principle, because Christ taught it; Christ obeyed it, and would not fail, for anything, to fulfil it— "

Dear Family!
  I hope you had a merry Christmas! I loved calling you all! Thank you for making sure Reagan was there too (Shout out to Reagan! Thanks for being there!). I really love you all. It was great to hear what has been going on with you all. I do miss Bentley a ton! So after I called, I got a killer headache (from the tears "o'course" [as Hagrid would say]) that lasted until I had about 9 mates. That's mah-tay. I loved having dinner at the McCue's that night! They're such a fun family and we all really felt part of it. It felt like a Christmas dinner (if you remember, Thanksgiving was kind of awkward somewhere else). Mom, you need to look her up on facebook haha. Has she emailed you yet? After the phone call home was the baptism. Ramon is baptized!! WOOHOO! Again, such a special time. It was incredible; his family even came. I'm so happy that I got to be a part of his conversion--it really was an honor. He's overjoyed! His life has completely turned around and he actually is feeling true happiness. I love being a missionary! And NOW I'm ready for my visa!
  So this past week was transfers. Elder Bowen left for Bisbee (ugh Bisbee). He's our district leader now. Elder Muniz (with a tilde over the n) has filled his spot in our companionship. Elder Muniz has five weeks left before he goes home! Crazy! He's a really good teacher. But. He's from Utah. So now it's me and two utards haha. He says things like "oh fetch!" and "he totally biffed it!" Aye aye aye.
  Well, the other day we met a girl who told us her name was " uh.. Blanca." We saw her again and she said, "Hey guys!"I said, "Hi Blanca!" She responded, "You guys remember my name? That's nice.." Well, did you try the chili lollipops?! How were they?! What are you all doing for New Year's? We have to be safe in our apt. at 6PM. Oh, and what does a tear drop tattoo mean if it's not solid? We met a guy who had it. Elder Sharp gave him five dollars for "gas" which is the only reason the guy listened to us.
Well, I love you all! I'm excited to call again at the airport (hopefully soon). Have a happy New Year! And to all my friends and family reading this as well!
Love, Elder Mitchell Poirier

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