Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy 4th of JULY

My beloved brothers and sisters,
  (That's how President Monson always starts) I first want to wish Max a very happy birthday this week! I'll be sending you a letter and postcard today! It's so weird to turn twenty! As for the USA, happy birthday as well! I love to celebrate the 4th of July. I feel a longing desire to be in the Keys with you all this week. But I'm in MEXICO! And that's still really amazing to me! Everyone at home and abroad seems really happy, especially Bentley! I love you all so much. These next three months are going to fly by, but I'm not letting myself think past my mission. Not yet. That plane ride home will be for thinking about the future. Let me tell you though, it's hard not to think about it. Even reading the Liahonas (Ensign) makes me think of whether I should live in Utah or stay in Florida. But I won't make a decision yet.
  Anyway, this week we didn't baptize. It felt a little bad after four weeks in a row. We still have a handful of great investigators though. There's Nivardo, who only is home from work on Sundays because he works in a city that's four hours away or more. He's in Alma 58. He's a scientist (like me) and was saying that he wants me to look up exactly which prophet said that "hot drinks" referred to tea and coffee in DyC 89. He wants to see the evidence, etc. He says it's the scientist in him. So I decided to pull out the scientist in me and proposed an EXPERIMENT. He LOVES coffee, but my hypothesis was that if he gave it up completely for one month, then he'd 1) find other things that are still delicious 2) have more energy in the day and 3) feel the promptings of the Spirit guide him more in work and in his home (He has a wonderful family of members). Well, I got him! He couldn't get out of that one. So for two weeks he hasn't drank coffee. He says that he feels tired, but that he's not so nervous in work. He feels more calm and less stressed. Two more weeks and he'll be convinced. I have faith.
  There's the Familia Martinez, the two parents and FIVE sons (but only three sons are of baptism age). The dad said he was baptized in the US 14 years ago, but we found out that the Church actually has no record of him. SO he has to get rebaptized. The sons went to what would be considered youth conference. They loved it. The 12 year old boy is already in 2 Nefi 8! That's incredible. He was telling us that the destruction of Jerusalem is a lot like what is happening in his life because... etc. It was WAY incredible. Smart kids here in Mexico!
  We have Hector, the father of Patricia. He's 69 and talks A TON, like all old people. But he says he's been thinking a lot about all the things that we've been teaching, and that he just feels happier.
  We have a few others, but we're just going to keep working with faith. President Jesperson now went home! So sad! I don't really feel the desire to meet the new President, is that wrong? By the way, I'm STILL here in Itzicuaro, making this my new LONGEST area! But the ward LOVES me and doesn't want me to go yet. They want to have a going away party for me when I go home. We'll see. Six more weeks in Itzicuaro and then are my last changes. We're planning as a ward and missionaries to have Christmas in July. It's going to be a big dinner, Christmas play (the Christmas Orange), and a tour of the church for all the visitors, etc. We're looking forward to it. My companion and I were just SO bored of the way we were working. We had to change something. This will be exciting. My second Christmas in Mexico kind of!
   I love you family!
   Elder Mitch Poirier

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