Monday, June 25, 2012

21 months.............

Dear Family,
  This week was SO hard. We were trying to get 10 people baptized! Two families! But one of the families ended up not being able to get permission from their father who is WAY hard-hearted. We did our best this week to confidently talk with him and to have faith, etc. To no avail..yet. So the mom and five daughters will have to wait. Unfortunately he won't even let them go to church anymore. Doesn't he realize he's STOPPING them from following Jesus Christ. I have a question. If you're fighting against Jesus Christ, who's side are you then on? Satan! Man! I hope this guy will get it! But we baptized the other family. Jorge and Lucia got married on Friday! They finally sealed the deal after 16 years living together. We also baptized the daughter, Georgina and the granddaughter, Angelica. They are such sweet little girls. When Georgina shakes my hand, it "electicutes" me. She loves it. And Angelica's hand "burns" mine. The photos are beautiful, but this computer lab is SO LAME and I'm stressing out!
  We also had a zone conference this week. It was my last time seeing President Jesperson and his wife. We took a photo together. He gave me a hug. I'll really miss having him. I can't believe I only have 3 months left. Tonight there are transfers. Who knows if I'll be changed. Half of me wants a NEW AREA as beautiful as Chile. The other half says I'd love to stay here and work even harder. The ward LOVES me. My converts all LOVE me. We'll see what happens.
  So Cassie is WAY Max. And Max sends the most beautiful photos. Mexico is NOT beautiful where I am. Actually though, to marry Jorge and Lucia, we had to go to a pueblo called Tacicuaro, which was SO Mexico. It was exactly what I thought Mexico would be like. I have photos, but this dang computer lab...
  Summer seems really nice from so far away, but I'm enjoying my last times here. Today we're going to make pizza with an hermano who is a breadmaker. He's cool. By the way, Max, since when do you want to get in on the pie business? And don't think too much about life after the mission. It's just going to be the same. And when will you get to go to Chile again?! That's why I'm getting all these recipes though! Yesterday we ate chicharron. Not so good. I mean, it's full of flavor, but it doesn't please me too much.
  Very well family!
     I love you all!
    Elder Mitch Poirier

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