Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Day!

  I love you all so much! Happy Father's Day dad! You're the best! I loved seeing all the photos of the house getting painted and all the photos of the fun summer Cassie and Aleksi are having! This week was wonderful! Adad decided to get baptized! He picked me to baptize him. I felt bad because so did Patricia two weeks ago and Emma one week ago. But this week we may be baptizing MANY people, so Elder Turnip will for sure be dressed in white as well.
  I don't have much time today family, but there's SO much I wanted to say! First of all, Elder Turner and I have been having a few conflicts in our relationship. I've been trying really hard to get him to push himself and step out of his comfort zone so that quickly he can become an incredible missionary. I wanted him to learn everything I know NOW so that he doesn't take 21 months in learning for himself. But he was just getting really fed up. I was really doing it with love, but he NEVER opens up about what is on his mind, what I'm doing that bothers him, or what we should do to improve things. He just stays silent.  So I  decided that I'm no longer going to push him to do anything. I'm not going to help him become a better teacher or give him ANY advice that he doesn't ask for. And he said he'd motivate me more so that I don't get doubtful and stressed out. Really, I can't explain all the details for lack of time, but let me tell you that EVERYTHING has been great since. 

  That same day, as we were walking out of the house to go work, the cel lphone started to ring. It was PRESIDENT. I wish I could go into detail about what he told me, but to be fast, he told me that he woke up thinking about me and felt the Spirit telling him that he had to call me. He told me (I didn't say anything the whole phone call of course haha) that he could've made me assistant or a zone leader. I qualify. I'm worthy. But that it's not been the Lord's will. The Lord has me where he wants me. He began to cry telling me this.. And he told me that the Lord is REALLY pleased with me. I was crying too! ahah. What a surprise, huh? He actually was thinking about me! This week he comes to our zone. It'll be the last time I see him. In a couple weeks we'll have a new mission president. Whoa how time flies. This week I complete 21 months! How fast!
  Family, I love you! I hope that you all read your scriptures and work harder to love everyone! I love you all so much! Last night I dreamed of Bentley. ahaha I gave him a kiss on the head!
   Que el Senor les bendiga esta semana!
Elder Poirier

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