Monday, January 23, 2012

Thank you

My Dear Family,
  Thank you so much for all your emails and especially for all your prayers. I felt broken, but I've AGAIN put myself together and I'm moving on. I'm taking mom's advice about companionship relationships because my compy is really hard to get along with, but I'm accepting the blame and am showing a lot of humility. I'm going to do my best to love him and be open with him even though he is really harsh. He only has 3 months in the mission, so he's a kind of rough. But anyway, this week I've been studying patience a ton. Patience with the Lord, patience with my companion, but especially patience with myself. I really just want to be the most successful, but to some only 2 talents are given. This week I've really felt that Heavenly Father IS pleased with me. I read my Patriarchal Blessing, and it gives me such strength to move on past obstacles and learn. I just have to have patience in all my afflictions. After all, they are hardly afflictions in comparison to what early saints had to face. Early church members would gladly change places with me. I just needed to recall the whole reason I'm here. So I'm going to keep working on patience and other Christ-like attributes. I think that is going to be my goal from now on, just become SO Christ-like. Those are the missionaries who make a difference, despite baptizing a ton or completing every week. The ones that are Christ-like are the ones that are impressioning (is that a word?). (impresionante). Impressive. but not exactly. More like make a deep impression. Anyway, thank you for your prayers. I really felt them. This week was a struggle, but I feel like I'm really learning a lot here. An elder in our district today told me that everyone says these are the best two years, but it's not true. He said that these are actually the best two years for you. Do you get that? They're the best two years FOR you because of the great impact they make on the rest of life. I want to wish Max a ton of success and hope and love in Chile. You make me so proud brother! I look forward to going home just so that I can write you everything I want to say and can focus all my attention on you. For now, please forgive me for not being able to write you letters. I'll do my best, but be patient with me. Know that this is the HARDEST thing you've ever done so far, but the Lord calls 19 year olds knowing that they're weak. He expects a lot out of you, but he'll make up for what you can't do. I love you Elder Max Poirier. You're my favorite brother!
I hope that the Lord blesses you richly every day!
 Elder Mitch Poirier

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