Monday, September 12, 2011

My week

Dear Family!
  This week was transfers, but Elder Willett and I are still here in what is now called Buenos Aires 2 (because our ward was absorbed into the Buenos Aires ward). We're having a lot of success as far as the Standard of Excellence goes. President told me that after three or four weeks completing the Standard, we'll start baptizing EVERY week. We have to continue completing of course. We completed this week for the 3rd in a row. It was really tough! We have to find 7 new investigators every week. By Friday we had four new investigators and then found two more. BUT then we visited some of the four and had to drop 3 of them! So with only Saturday and Sunday, we had to find 4 new investigators to complete the goal. Do you follow so far? Plus on Sunday, two of the people who had baptismal dates didn't come to church. Since they have to come two times before they can get baptized, their dates fell. So we had to put two more dates and find 4 news still Sunday after church. Of course the Lord tested our faith and patience. We kept a good, calm attitude, knowing that the Lord wanted us to complete because He wants us to baptize. So we went forward with faith. Only during the LAST two hours of the night did we actually find 4 new people and we put 2 dates. Amazing. All because of Heavenly Father. We completed! But it doesn't end there. Tere, Chicharito's aunt (if you don't know who he is, JUST LOOK HIM UP! Mexico World Cup 2010), had a baptismal date for this Saturday. What we realized at 10PM Sunday is that she's still smoking, therefore her date falls (they have to quit at least a week before they can get baptized). So technically we didn't complete. What were we going to do? Let it slide and fix her date during the week? Or call her at 10:30 and change the date? Aye. We decided of course to have integrity. We called her with the old "did we forget [such object] in your house?" and then made sure to put her date for another weekend. PHEW. If we work right, we'll reach our goals and then baptize a ton. I miss being a missionary in the United States. Also, this week we ate breakfast with Tere and her sons. We made the molletes with jam. She made beans and eggs. Delicious. Mexican style of course. MMMM. By the way, Dad isn't the only one who drinks coke in the morning. So does ALL of Mexico.
   Love you all,

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