Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day!

Alberto y Olivia


Dear Family!
  Happy Labor Day! I guess I'll hear from you all next week when you have computers put in front of you (you'll remember to write me). I AM glad however that Max told me he's GOING TO CHILE!!!! I cannot even believe it! There's SO much I want to say and do! First, as soon as I can I'm going to send a copy of Jeffery R. Holland's talk he gave when I was at the MTC the second time. Second, I'm going to have to trust Cassie with my facebook. Who does the blog? and Third, I'm going to work really hard to have a LOT of success so that I can risk asking for permission to call home!! I say it's worth a shot. I have SO much to say to Max! CHILE. WOOHOOOOO!!! The seasons will be opposite! You're going to likely be in the MTC for Christmas! Maybe.. But I want to talk about what a mission is REALLY like. Oh brother! I'm so happy for you! I love you!
  Anyway, this week was really stressful. Somehow we had success though. I can't believe that this week is the last in the transfer. We'll see what happens. I feel like one of us will get changed for some reason. Um.. I can't think of more to say. Chicharito's aunt came to church again! She says she feels such peace with us. When we taught her sons as well, they all went off about how we are examples of what their life could be like if they decide to take this path--happiness, purity, peace, etc. It was funny but flattering. I hope she'll soon get baptized! Oh. and this week they combined our ward and another. We didn't have enough priesthood going, so the stake president announced "the ward of Polanco DOESN'T EXIST ANY LONGER." It kind of was harsh. So now we're four missionaries in one ward called Buenos Aires, but I'm still in the mission area of Polanco. It was nice having 200 people at church though instead of 50.
  This week I really felt pensive and stressed. But I keep going. I'm happy being stressed I guess; that's pretty normal for me. One thing on the back of my mind making me feel really sad is that I haven't been able to send a single letter in 5 weeks. I want to write my friends and family and converts! I guess that would be one good thing about being transferred--perhaps there'd be a post office in my area.
  I love you all! I'm SO happy for Max!!! I hope that he leaves secret notes around the house as well! I'll just tell you about the one you STILL haven't found. It's in the HALLWAY!!!
       I love you!
  Elder Mitchell Poirier!!

Got a little wet!

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