Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

My American Family!
  Why doesn't anyone celebrate the Fourth of July here?! Nothing! This week was wonderful. I didn't tell you, but last week the Assistants to the President called me and basically asked, "what's wrong with your dats?!" and "you're an example to your companion and your district" etc. But in a super nice way. Still, it made me feel horrible because we didn't know what the deal was, why we were having such little success. But the night before that phone call, we decided to sit and talk about what we need to do differently (proof that i recognized our error before getting called out by our leaders). If we wanted to be able to tell the Lord, "we're doing EVERYTHING we can, please do your part" then we had to do EVERYTHING we could. We made a list of things we need to change. To be perfectly obedient we needed 1) call for permission to get home later that 9 PM, 2) Exercise every morning until 7 AM, 3) Study like we should on Pdays and Sundays (when no missionaries study), and other things that are complicated to explain, but basically teach in the way that President wants us to teach. This week was a total turn around. We completed with the Standard of Excellence! I wish I could describe all the miracles that we saw, though small. The Lord knew exactly how he was going to help us reach our goals.
 Soraya came to church with her daughter Karina!! Whoop whoop! They arrived a little late, JUST as Hno. Pedro (a CRAZY old man) was bearing his testimony. Ugh fast and testimony meeting. But after that the testimonies were fine. And they went to Sunday School where we learned about the Holy Ghost and how Christ was going to give it to the apostles. Soraya really enjoyed it I think. Tonight we are making pancakes for ALL of our investigators (of course not all will show up..). We've invited a few members as well. Good ones. President wants us to do things with our investigators that we'd do with our family. Things that will show them we actually love them. We're not just teachers. Did I tell you that my compy, Elder Silos, is only 18!! He turned 18 in January. He's younger than Max!! SO weird. Anyway, I hope Soraya and her family come tonight! I'll send photos. We haven't really had anything to take photos of. Sorry.
  This week the mission did a Mobile Visitor's Center (like a temple visitor's center, but brought to a park in our area). We invite people walking by to do a 10 minute tour to learn more about Christ and our church. It was SO FUN. The members were the ones who had to approach people and invite them to come in. I got such a kick out of watching them muster the courage to go talk to people. I tried to imagine mom and dad doing it. As we were taking it all down, the rains came POURING. I love it. It basically has been raining everyday from 4 PM until the morning when we wake up. And did you know that there's such thing as colored lightning? Yes. I saw green lightning that night. Look it up and explain it to me because I'm SURE Aleksi and I did NOT learn about that in our Extreme Weather class ("sure" because it was I who tried to pay attention everyday).

  I love you family!

Happy Birthday Max!!! Get your butt out on a mission ASAP. Don't you realize that if you don't leave before September 22 it'll be more than 3 years before we see each other again?! What is taking you so long?!!

  Elder Mitchell Poirier

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