Monday, June 20, 2011

What a Week!

  What a week! We had Zone Conferences Wednesday through Friday. They last until 2 PM and then we have to rush back to our areas to make it in time for lunch with the members. Carne en su jugo. Look up a recipe because I think the hermana just bought it instead of cooking it. SO delicious. President told us a lot of things that we need to apply better in the work, but my favorite thing was when he told us we need to show our love for our investigators by doing things with them that we'd do with our family. He told us to cook them dinner. Bake a pie (!!!!!!). And be creative thinking of other things. So we're going to bake a pie with one of the families we're teaching. I wish I had my recipe book (that Reagan got me)!!! And we brought a pineapple to visit Israel. Basically it's HIS kitchen, so he made US the pineapple water. How? Easy. Cut the fruit. Put it in a blender with water and sugar to taste. Then add more water after it's blended, but in a bucket or a pitcher. So refreshing. Do it with strawberries. Or cantalope. It's one of my favorite things about Mexico. Anyway, he told us that we can never get discouraged. That we need to be EXACTLY obedient if we want to see miracles. "Obedience brings blessings. Exact obedience brings miracles." We did find an awesome family this week! They are looking for the truth. It's sad. A year ago their young baby passed away. The Catholic priest didn't give them the time to come and visit, or to baptize the baby. They felt hurt and rejected by their own religion. But we taught them that yes, baptism is required to enter the gates of heaven, BUT children don't have sin. They therefore have NO need to be baptized (Moroni 8), and should they pass away, they go STRAIGHT to the presence of our Heavenly Father. It was a very special lesson.
Last night was the end of this transfer. I can't believe I've been training an entire transfer! But Elder Silos and I are still companions! Another 6 weeks!
I love you family! I'm so happy that Max's papers will be sent tonight! How crazy! WOOHOO
Elder Mitchell Poirier

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