Monday, June 13, 2011

This Week in the Mission

                                                           Israel's Baptism


Dear Family!
  We baptized Israel this week!!! Woohoo! He has had such a hard life, but has come a long way. Really, I wish I could tell you about all of his experiences because they really are powerful and inspirational. We'd asked him to write "his story" during the nights that he had to stay awake by the hospital bedside of his godfather. Those twelve sheets of paper are something I'd like to share with you five when I get home. Salvador received the Aaronic Priesthood this Sunday! And Blanca stayed for sunday school! We didn't have the Gospel Principles class because it's so unprepared and boring and small. The Gospel Doctrines is taught like mom would teach it, fun, participation, learning, laughing, spirit. So afterwards, Blanca said, "que padre" which interpretted means "how cool." Oh yeah, Salvador bought us each a sombrero! So nice of him! But now we have to carry it around the rest of our missions. It's huge!
Salvador and me
 I don't have much time, but we brought Janeth this week to an FHE with the Lopez family. She really felt the Spirit as she watched the short Restoration video. She cried during the First Vision. We really want her to get baptized, but she wants to wait until her sister who is mormon comes in september to visit. Janeth's (janette) husband is awful to her, so she's also looking for a job so that she can move in with her mom and support herself.  Basically it was a great week, but our numbers were awful. I feel like I DON'T know what I'm doing as district leader nor as a trainer. Aye. I love you family! I miss you!
Elder Poirier

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