Monday, June 6, 2011

Love from Mexico

  ¡Que tal? I miss you all! I wish I had gotten some more emails to read (hem hem Max, Cassie, Dad). But anyway, this week was really fast, but SUPER stressful. Basically, it all had to do with Israel, who we were going to baptize this week. But before I talk about that, I have a funny story. Last Tuesday I got TWO packages from you all! The first said that it contained deodorant, vitamins, and other things, I can't remember. But when I opened it, there was a dress, a necklace, and a card addressed, "Daughter." ahahah WHAT? I thought that mom must have mixed up packages to Aleksi and I. But I opened the card and it was not for Aleksi. I got a dress and a necklace all the way here in Mexico that was intended for some girl in Rhode Island. How? Well, the post office must have put the customs form on someone else's package! The other package I received had candy, deodorant, vitamins, etc. but it didn't have a customs form. Funny. So now I have to mail this dress back to the sender. Aye.
  So anyway, Israel has been caring for his padrino (godfather) in the hospital for almost a month now. The padrino is named Eduardo. Eduardo fell the other week and fractured his hip. He's been waiting in the hospital for the operation since. But because he has other medical issues, there has to be somebody to watch over him 24/7. Eduardo's real family has ditched him, so Israel is left to care for him. This week we went and visited Eduardo in the hospital, made him laugh a lot. We gave him a blessing. On Friday he had his operation. Israel told us that everything went well. He was really content. But at 1:45 AM Israel texted us that Eduardo began convulsing and his life was in danger, and basically that he wouldn't be able to be baptized Saturday. We were really bummed. What do we do? 1) Get everything ready to have the baptism and convince Israel to still do it, or 2) just wait until the next Saturday. We couldn't agree as a companionship what to do, so I suggested we kneel and pray to arrive to a conclusion together. After the prayer, we both meditated over it for a little to feel the Spirit's answer. When we shared our feelings they were the same, that we should get everything ready for the baptism, but let Israel decide. When we went to visit him, he looked awful. Very exhausted and overstressed. Basically he decided to wait for this coming Saturday. Poor guy. But we visited again yesterday and just talked about a bunch of normal things to give him company and let him be a little distracted. I pray that this Saturday nothing will go wrong and that he'll have a beautiful baptism!
  Family, the mission is the most stressful thing ever. But it's alright because it's very worth it. And it goes by ridiculously fast. And I haven't even completed my year mark yet (they say that after a year time disappears).
  I love you and I'm glad to hear that two of you are doing well!
  Elder Mitch Poirier
Brother and Son

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