Monday, April 11, 2011

This Week in Mexico...

Dear Family,
Elder Padgett, me, and Elder Wallace
1) There were two drunk guys outside of our street one night who were blasting music from some sort of jukebox at 4AM, ruining our sleep. We were so mad. When we woke up to go running, we stood outside our door and just stared at them across the street, wishing we could do something. Why didn't anyone call the cops? Ugh! But then they noticed us and started calling at us and stumbling towards us. So we took off running. I love running by the way.
2) Our investigator Israel told us a story about when he was in high school. He was friends with a guy who was a member of our church. They were watching a track meet, eating icecream cones. The guy turned to Israel and said, talking about the icecream, "¡Está muy bueno!" There was another guy, warming up, who heard him and thought he was talking about him. To say a guy "esta bueno" is really bad here. So Israel's friend got beat up really bad. How funny that that is his memory of having a Mormon friend?
3) This week we found out that Perla, who we thought was perfect, has been lying to us this whole time. She doesn't believe anything we teach. She told us all her beliefs, about how God is an energy, and how Joseph Smith made up his story to do some good in the world. It's crazy how people can make up their own religion. She was telling us all about what is true. It broke our hearts :( Why not just be honest from the beginning instead of telling us that you've prayed and received answers that our message is true? But it turns out that her cousin, Brenda, IS interested in our message and even came to church this Sunday (secretly b/c her mom won't let her).
4) This week we were teaching a boy named Manuel who is 11. His mom is a member, and he wants to get baptized too. Elder Padgett is really good at teaching him. Me, not so much. So when Elder Padgett left for an exchange, I tried SO hard to be fun and simple. I tried to use an example to help him learn the 3rd commandment (about taking the Lord's name in vain). I'm embarrassed to even write this.. "Imagine if there was a big lion in the middle of the street, shoving cars aside. Everyone is going to be scared, probably using foul language. But you shouldn't." Wow.. Anyway. On Sunday we were supposed to baptize him, but his Catholic grandma kidnapped him and took him to Mass for the WHOLE day! UGH! We even went to Mass to try and see if we could get him back. Nope. So we're secretly baptizing him this Thursday.
5) I saw a woman who looked like the goldfish in Pinnocchio. Really.
6) We played soccer for 4 hours today! I'm wiped out! But I scored a great goal! Elder Padgett let me wear his Brazil jersey! P-days are so nice. I can't believe two weeks have already gone by with Elder Padgett. He's my favorite companion for sure! We get along so well. I did love Elder Rodriguez though (my dad--because he trained me). But he's home now. Well family! I love you!
     Elder Mitch Poirier

Mexican Wall Art

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