Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Feliz Navidad!

Dear Family!
  Merry Christmas!!! I am so excited to be here still for the holiday. I've read all your emails and am so happy that you're all together again! It makes me feel better knowing that. I'm also glad that everybody is doing well. This week was pretty strange. I had to go on a week-long exchange because our district leader got to go home a few days early to be there for a few days before Christmas. So someone had to fill his place before transfers. I was in Bisbee (actually their area also covers Elfrida, Sunsites, and Naco). It was super boring because there was SO much driving to do. I got SO sick of all the music we had, so we went to Walmart and bought Christmas music. But I'm sending the disc I bought home. Max will like it. Last time I emailed you was a monday. Later that day, Roger, one of our investigators, went insane. The story is that we went to go give his friend a blessing (who is a member), but Roger also put his hands on Randy's head... So Elder Bowen (who just got transferred to become the new district leader) politely told him that the priesthood was something he would get after baptism. Well, after the blessing, Roger wanted a word with us outside. "To chastize the @*%$ out of [us]" Apparently he had just been annointed a priest in the Cherokee Nation and had "more power to give blessings" than we do. He was getting in our faces like he wanted to fight. It was bad. I don't know how he doesnt understand that his authority in one church doesn't apply to another church. He wouldn't let us explain. It was bad. So we had to drop him. He wasn't getting baptized for any other reason other than to marry Sister Farhendorff in the temple. Well, as he would say, that's "WRONG". Anyway, Ramon is still doing awesome. We can't wait for his baptism! Also, this week we were tracting in Bisbee. We met a kid named BJ. His mom came to talk to us at the door and said she was really busy at the moment. I briefly described the message of the Restoration and asked if she'd be interested in learning more another time. She was hesitant, but BJ cut her off and said "I am!" And that was that. We set a time to go back and teach them! BUT it's not my area. The exchange ended today. Transfers were today. Elder Glenn and I now are companions with Elder Munice. This is his last 6 weeks. Well, I'm doing well. I love being a missionary. I'm trying to be better everyday, to be more Christ-like. I really wish all my friends and family a merry Christmas. I hope that they'll take the opportunity to read Luke 2: 1-14 and to meet with missionaries! Let them teach you! But family, I love you and look forward to calling you at 2PM your time!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
Elder Mitch Poirier
Elder Nystrom

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